Monday, August 22, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Sloppy Omelet Rice (Ep.19)

The school festival is coming and the students are busy preparing for the event. Ohana's class decides to hold a Princess Cafe, putting Yuina and Minko in-charge of the service and cooking teams, respectively. ­­

Cooking is serious business!
At first, Minko was annoyed by the sudden decision to leave her in-charged of the cooking team without her consent or approval, but Yuina managed to convinced her through a cute gesture.

A class full of cuties?
Each teams are now having a meeting to decide the outcome of the cafe. Yuina was supposed to be the head of the service team but it was Ohana who was out presenting new ideas, she was just there being as cute as always. Ohana suggested that they use Kissui Inn's maid uniform instead of making their own since it would take time to make new ones and would use some of the budget that they could use for preparing the food instead.

Ohana presents their uniform.
Minko wasn't really motivated at the event until after hearing that Touru would come to visit their class. She then decided to do her best and treated her responsibility to the cooking team as a part of her job. The cooking team had a meeting about what dish they can put on the menu and what equipments they are allowed to use inside the class.

Everthing ended well during the first day but the second day became a disaster after Minko fully rejects putting omelet rice on the menu. One of the girls apparently requested this item for the menu because the person she likes loves the dish, but Minko disagrees saying that her feelings should never affect her work, hurting the other girl's feeling and making the other members also walk out with her. Minko refused to put the dish because they don't have the necessary equipment to make it properly, but since everyone walked out on her, she decided to do everything by herself.

They saw what you did there!
Nako's class was doing an art gallery but her classmates aren't quite motivated and walks out on her, leaving everything to her and a fellow classmate who painted the whole gallery. Because of her classmates unwillingness to help out, Nako didn't have enough motivation to do her work until Ohana told her that she'll definitely visit her class.

The real princess of the show!
This episode is just a build up for the next one and the result looks so damn sweet yet bitter. Touru will visit the Princess Cafe to see Ohana and not Minko, but Ohana still thinks of Kouichi whose probably in a relationship with the bookstore girl. Will this love pentagram finally end?

Next Episode:
Love, Kourin Festival

Protip: Don't ask Nako anything about art.


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