Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fate/EXTRA: Servant Caster

Caster starts out as the weakest Servant because of her low stat growth in Strength and Defense. But once she learns enough Skills, she can dominate the Arena quite easily since she's equipped to counter pretty much any move your opponent makes. This makes her the strongest Servant late in the game. Here's a guide to playing Caster.

— A magical fox girl —


Raises damage done to enemies.
Invest into this parameter only if you are having a hard time during the beginning. Remember, the more SP you spend on this stat, the less SP you can spend on Magic so try to limit it to rank C.
Lowers damage done to enemies.
Defense doesn't only makes you tough but increases Skill damage as well. So invest into this parameter when your Magic is high enough.
Stabilizes damage stats, raises skill speed.
Invest into this parameter only if you have some extra SP to spare.
Raises magic ability, lowers damage from magic.
It is recommended to invest as much SP as possible into this parameter as this is her main stat.
Raises critical hit rate and defense when in jeopardy.
Invest into this parameter only if you have some extra SP to spare.
E D C B A A+ A++ EX
0 26 52 78 104 128 193 255
Strength Defense Agility Magic Luck
1.52 1.52 2.27 2.60 2.40
Strength Defense Agility Magic Luck
C C E A++ E

Skills & Noble Phantasm

Curse: Fiery Heaven
Target: Enemy
Inflicts magic damage and Stun against BREAK.
Unlocked after spending 10 SP on Alteration.
Curse: Frigid Heaven
Target: Enemy
Inflicts magic damage and Stun against ATTACK.

Unlocked after spending 20 SP on Alteration.
Charm - Spirit Theft
Target: Self
Absorbs enemy MP when using BREAK.

Unlocked after spending 30 SP on Alteration.
The effect would only last for 3 turns.
Absorbs MP equal to 10% of your damage.
Curse: Chaos Heaven
Target: Enemy
Inflicts magic damage and Stun against GUARD.

Unlocked after spending 40 SP on Alteration.
Mantra: Aphotic Cave
Target: Self
Lowers damage and absorbs MP from enemy Skills.

Unlocked after spending 55 SP on Alteration.
Decrease damage taken to 10%. 
Mantra: Bestial Sky
Target: Self
Magic ability greatly increased for one move.

Unlocked after spending 70 SP on Alteration.
Boosts magic damage to 250% on your next move.
Mantra: Merciful Sky
Target: Self
Magic ability greatly increased for one move.
Unlocked by speaking to Caster inside your Private Room after defeating 5 Rare Monsters. This Skill replaces Mantra: Bestial Sky.
Boosts magic damage to 400% on your next move. 
Breath of the Soul
Auto-activated Skill.
Slight MP restoration at the end of battle.

Unlocked after spending 80 SP on Alteration.
Restores 10% of your total MP after battle.
Land of Eternal Bane
Target: Enemy
Inflicts damage and poison when HP is above 30%.

Unlocked after spending 99 SP on Alteration.
Ignore the Skill's description, as this will only work if your HP is BELOW 30%.
Blessings of Amaterasu
Condition: Use 9 skills in battle.
No MP cost when using Skills.
Automatically unlocked through story progression.
This Skill will only last for 1 turn.

Private Room

Special conversations inside the Private Room can be triggered when you see a special icon accompanied by a yellow font in the selection window. These conversations are important factors when unlocking your Servant's Matrix Level E. Missing one of them or choosing the wrong answer could permanently deny you the information you need.

Speak with Caster


Leave your private room

Caster's Matrix is the hardest to complete because it's quite possible to choose the wrong choice early in the game without noticing at all until much later. There are some wrong answers, specifically during the 4th and 6th week so choose carefully.
  • 1ST WEEK (DAY 4): 
    MALE MC:
    What do you mean by "T Regulations?"
    What do you mean by "T Regulations?"
    I am a girl, you know.
  • 2ND WEEK (DAY 6):
    I'm getting used to fighting.
    I'm getting used to you.
    You're a tricksy one.
    Tell me about your abilities.
    Tell me about things you like.
    ...Tell me your true name.
    How can I say before I know?
    If she doesn't want to tell, I won't ask.
  • 3RD WEEK (DAY 3):  
    I'm not sure I can make that decision.
  • 4TH WEEK (DAY 5):

    It's an unforgivable act.
    It will always be a punishable act.

    Survey Points increased by 2!
    ...What kind of question is this?

    Survey Points increased by 1!

    Doesn't matter. Cute is cute.

    Survey Points increased by 2!
    It'd be an issue, but not a big one.

    Survey Points increased by 1!
    ...Again, what's with this question?
    No choices.
    Matrix Level 2
    This is just a regular conversation

    No choices.
    Matrix Level 3
    ...What are you, Tamamo?

    Additional option unlocked!
    Available on 6th Week (Day 3)
    ...No, I shouldn't probe into this.
  • 6TH WEEK (DAY 3):
    Tamamo is the only one for me.

    Must be unlocked first.
    Rin is the only one for me.
    ...I think I should save now.

    Matrix E permanently locked!
    Don't choose this no matter what!
  • 7TH WEEK (DAY 3):
    No choices.
    Matrix Level E
    Requires that you defeat SE.RA.PH during Day 2.
    Requires 3 Survey Points or more.


These achievements gives you new conversations inside your Private Room. Your Servant could reward you with an item, an equipment, a Skill upgrade or simply just a new topic to talk about.

Speak with Caster


Leave your private room

10 Perfect Battle
She'll congratulate you for doing a good job.
A Perfect Battle is achieved when you defeat an enemy without taking any damage.
100 Perfect Battles
She'll give you a Nine Tails as a reward.
A Perfect Battle is achieved when you defeat an enemy without taking any damage.
10,000 Total Damage Taken
She'll scold you for slacking off.
It might be a good idea to wait until Round 6 or 7 before doing this, so you could buy lots of decent healing items.
100,000 Total Damage Taken
She'll tell you how much pain she have experience under your command and is really upset about it.
It might be a good idea to wait until Round 6 or 7 before doing this, so you could buy lots of decent healing items.
300,000 Total Damage Taken
She'll congratulate you for being the most abusive master ever and give you the Mythical Fox Tail as a reward.
It might be a good idea to wait until Round 6 or 7 before doing this, so you could buy lots of decent healing items.
Defeated 1 Rare Monster
She'll tell you to slaughter more anomalous programs.
Check the guide for Rare Monster locations.
Defeated 5 Rare Monsters
Upgrades her Skill Mantra: Bestial Sky into Mantra: Merciful Sky.
Check the guide for Rare Monster locations.
Acquired a Total of 100,000 PPT
She'll congratulate you for earning so much.
Read the details below.
Acquired a Total of 500,000 PPT
She'll congratulates you for becoming the wealthiest person inside the Moon Cell.
This value counts the total funds you've accumulated. Although buying stuff won't decrease the counter, selling stuff will increase it. This counter resets during New Game Plus so even if a million PPT carries over to your new game, the total accumulated fund would still start at 0.



— End —

I know that it's hard to see Caster take a lot of damage and get injured, but I recommend completing the damage achievement. The conversation with Caster is just hilarious. Also, even though you'll still get Matrix Level E by choosing Rin during the 6th week conversation, I highly recommend choosing Tamamo instead. Conversation with Caster during that event was so cute it almost gave me a heart attack.


2Peeeps Health and Fitness said...

interesting nice share

Interwebs Fails said...

I like her.

My 2 Pesos said...

Many faces she has.

Fang said...

The problem with good late-game character is that you'll first have to get them through early-game, and even mid-game can still be a problem.

Natural One said...

Looks good

Bart said...

is she a fox or is this just fantasy... i mean in an awkward position which makes her look like a fox

Kingmush said...

Does look pretty good!

Bersercules said...

She's hot! And I like when charaters have an eratic growth in power!

convictus said...

That outfit is pretty sweet.

Mochileiro said...


Adam said...

really good art in this game

R.gers said...

She's pretty cute. :3

Shaw said...

I prefer wolf girls, like Holo

DWei said...

Now here is a character that takes skill to use.

natchu96 said...

I loved her "T regulations" speech. Very descriptive, but not too graphic, showing that she really does know what she is talking about having T [rating] regulations in her own game. She really likes fourth-wall jokes.

Anonymous said...

I estimate her "breath of the soul" skill regenerates about 10% of her MP points, i.e. if her current (max) MP is 352, she'd regenerate 35 MP after every battle...


Matheus Aguiar said...

Thanks for sharing this, it's a great help! Although after three playthroughs (first was Caster), I dunno if I start a new one just to get the items I missed or just go back to my original file.

And Caster is definitely too cute, after some events I just labeled her "mai waifu" for the lulz.

Joe said...

I like this site

Jumendez said...

Would it be wiser to use Guard against an enemy Skill or Aphotic Cave, and if the latter, do Noble Phantasms count as skills? I'm worried about facing Arc is all, but thanks for all of your work so far and I look forward to a guide on Archer~

Lord Phrozen said...

Aphotic Cave is always the best choice, you just need the necessary MP to cast it. Don't worry though since you'll get the MP back afterwards since it absorbs 40 MP from weak skills, 50 MP from strong skills, and 100 MP from Noble Phantasms. Also, Aphotic Cave decreases damage by 90% compared to GUARD which only decreases damage by 50%.

The only exception from this rule is the secret boss, since she have an attack that permanently disables your skills when you use a skill against it. During that time, it's better to GUARD.

Anonymous said...

i made a mistake in playing the game. i started the game with caster. then ifell in love with her and couldnt bare to replay the game with either archer or saber.


so damn pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I can't be sure, but I suspect that the "Nine Tails" item may passively increase Luck (or at least Critical chance) for Caster.

I say this because I've never raised Luck for any of my Servants on any play through, ever, yet Caster seems to do Critical hits with far more regularity than either Saber or Archer... Although I guess it could still just be the dumb luck of random number generators plus Caster needing to hit more often in the first half of the game.

Anonymous said...

I have a question
In the last level in school (Saver and Shiki) : i didn't find Sakura O_O
Do you why she is not here anymore ?
thank you

Anonymous said...

I cant unlock level e in matrix!!! Ive done everything what I need to but I cant unlock this creepy level e. What should I do!? Pleese somebody help!!!

Anonymous said...

if i end up killing a monster with 4 attacks and take no damage is that a perfect or do i have to hit all six attacks and get the ex attacks too?

Lord Phrozen said...

Yes, even if you kill the enemy with just 1 attack, as long as you take no damage. It's a perfect kill.

Anonymous said...

@Lord Phrozen
of course the no damage rule doesnt apply to taking damage from a blocked attack right?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the difference between the "...increases Skill damage..." by adding defense and "Raises magic ability..." by adding to magic; doesn't that mean we should max out defense over anything else since we'll be depending mostly on skills for damage in the late game?

All skills take up MP other than NP, so does that mean all skills are classed as "magic" for Saber, Archer and Caster or does the word "magic" only apply to attacks that doesn't look physical? Then does that mean I should try adding bunch to magic instead of defense for an Archer build?

This is kinda confusing -.-

Lord Phrozen said...

What part of "no damage" is hard to understand?
If you take even 1 point of damage then it is not perfect.
If you win without taking any damage then it is perfect.

So yeah, you can't guard because you'll take some damage as well.

CkretAznMan said...

So any of the choices are fine as long as we avoid the obviously counterproductive ones? Say, I'm playing as the Female Protagonist, then I can choose either "T Regulations" or "I'm a girl"? And any of the choices on the second week are fine?

Anonymous said...

TY for guide!! <3

I discovered this site too late... I was halfway through the Caster campaign when I found Cirnoply, so I had a noob spec:

But it's possible to finish the first playthrough as Caster at lvl 35, stacking nothing but Magic (A++) and Luck (A). On late bosses such as Gawain you play risky and purposefully fail 1 move and 'even' another move on the first turn, then use Merciful Sky + Eternal Bane on moves 5 and 6. The spell will likely crit, and you can Recover on the next round before turn 1. This adds a good chunk of sustained damage.

However, the price for this is that you have exceptional trouble against trash mobs, because their moves aren't revealed on the first playthrough. W/o obeying the guide and getting strength to C, your Spirit Theft will be very weak, which is very annoying when grinding.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... an opinion that can't be taken seriously

Anonymous said...

i dont know why anyone would hate caster so much if u know how to use her u can cover her weakness and she can own anyone i rather have caster then saber caster has that cuteness that makes saber (who is a walking tank lol) tame

Anonymous said...

Castser is definitely my favorite servant, I did my stats a bit differently than the notes say too and relied a LOT on the combination of "Seer's Crystal Ball" (as a personal mana boost) and "Staff of Rebuke" (to refill Casters health) though at times, grinding with her got a little boring, I loved everything about her. dumping all the skill points into Magic really helps her playability, and if you are willing to spend time overleveling her she becomes practically invincible. No way am I ever playing her without New Game Plus though

Peltz Al said...

Caster is the best in my opinion. She is very powerful after the first 3 masters, and is easy to level up. She also has many facial expressions and has a good voice :D

Anonymous said...

I'm currently going through a Caster Playthrough(Rin Route) with the following stats

Strength - D
Defence - D(Or C)
Magic - B
Others - E

Also, I'm starting Round 4(Lancer) week.

Do you have any advice for my future struggles?

Anonymous said...

I think I am over-leveled in facing Julius. At Week 5, I'm Level 43. I have the following stats:

Strength - D
Defense - B
Agility - E
Magic - A+
Luck - C

Anyone who can tell me if I messed up on my build or something?

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Anonymous said...

Just finished lvl.45 caster in NG+ with EX magic.

caster is my favorite servant. Her stunlock abilities works wonders especially when you don't know the enemy's move. you can also use stun to power-up caster using merciful sky for another stunlock the next move. though in my playthrough I used formal wear for +defense because of my poor defense.

I also love conversations with her, she's really fun to talk with and her lines are also funny sometimes. made me like her all the more :)

Dragantis1991 said...

Do i have to make that 100 perffect win in 1 go?

Anonymous said...

Most people who play this game are noobs. They don't even know that Caster is the weakest servant in the game. She doesn't even have any skills at her 1st level until you get a chance to perform the alteration in the chapel and spend at least 9 SP points just to get her 1st skill as a magical servant. What a shame for belonging to a Caster class... Oh well, nobody cares since players won't understand the point..

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Avery said...

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Caramell said...

As much as I dislike Caster character-wise, I thoroughly enjoy playing with her as my servant, probably because I am someone who loves glass cannon characters.
I put all my SP into magic, except for 4, since those were all I needed for agility to get to rank D (it just looked better than E, haha). That way, I reached EX in magic at level 34. Since I had already finished the game once, I didn't have any problem with the monsters in round 1 or 2, so ignoring the strength stat was completely fine. And after that, Caster just nuked about everything. As far as bosses go, I only lost once against Berserker (Rani route) and I'm currently about to face Gawain at level 37. ...I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the SP I get now, though. I'm not sure if I should invest them into defense or agility. I'm currenty just saving them orz

Honestly, if using her in NG+, I'd encourage anyone to just leave her strength at E. Investing everything into magic pays off incredibly well.

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