Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hatsune Miku: Look this way, Baby!

Here's the opening song for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd. Composed by Ryo and performed by Miku, I hereby present to you the tsundere side of our beloved virtual diva. Don't forget to turn captions ON so you could read the english translations while playing. ­

Kocchi Muite Baby
Performed by: Ryo feat. Hatsune Miku

Tsuyogatte bakka de nanka
Sonshiteru kiga suru datte sou jan
Ienai youna koto ga shitai no
Anna koto toka
Yada...... donna koto?

Otokotte baka bakka ne
Henna koto ima kangaeta desho
Kimitte uso ga tsukenai taipu
Daibu kao ni deteru Are you ok?
Joujou shakuryou no yochi nashi
Marude ohanashi ni naranai wa

Soudai na roman kataru mae ni
Genjou bunseki dekiteru?
Aa! Kimitte donkan

Chanto kocchi muite Baby
NO nante iwasenai wa
Honki moodo nan dakara
Omowazu mitorechau purupuru kuchibiru de
Kimi wo toriko ni suru no
Kyoukoso shoubu nan desu!

Ijihatte bakka de nanka
Shoujiki ni narenai shouganai jan
Ushiro kara gyutte shite hoshii no
Nante ne ehehe
......tte chotto matte!?

Aserasenai de mattaku
Sou iu notte motto muudo toka aru desho
Konna kimochi ni sasete oite
Hotto kareru nante yurusanai
Mou! Sekinin totte?

Chotto kocchi muite Baby
NO nante iwasenai wa
Sono kini saserun dakara
Omowazu ogamitaku naru youna omiashide
Kimi wo toriko ni suru no
Deredere shinaide yo

Kotoba ja tsutawanai
Ookina ooki na haato maaku
Doushiyou mune ga kyun to shite
Nani mo kangaerannai
Uu kimitte yatsu wa

Motto kocchi muite Baby
Nando mo iwasenai de
Watashi mou shiranain dakara
Omowazu kamacchaitaku naru youna no mo
Ii kara
Etto ima no wa nashinashi
Naniyo mou monku anno

Look This Way, Baby
Translated by: Lord Phrozen

Playing hard to get all the time
You're not doing this on purpose are you?
I want to do the stuff we can't talk about
Like that kind of stuff
No way... that kind of stuff?

Men are but simpleminded fools
You just thought of something naughty, right?
You're the type that can't tell a lie
Your face is turning red. Are you ok?
There's just no room for consideration
It's like there's nothing to talk about

Before we get all romantic with each other
Have you even realized the situation yet?
Ah! You're so insensitive!

You'd better look this way, Baby
NO is an unacceptable answer
Because I'm in a really serious mood
I will mindlessly captivate you with my shaking lips
And turn you into my slave
I shall take you on this day

If you keep being stubborn all the time
It's inevitable but we are going nowhere
I just want you to hug me from behind
Just kidding Hehehe
......Huh? Wait a second!

Don't rush things, really
We should get in the mood first before doing that stuff
Making me all excited just like this
It's a sin to just leave me hanging afterwards
Geez! Just take responsibility already!?

Look a bit this way, Baby
NO is an unacceptable answer
Because I'll put you in the right mood
With my legs that you'll beg to worship
I will turn you into my slave
Don't think I'll go easy on you

Words are merely not enough
To convey this pretty big heart mark
What should I do? My heart is pounding hard
I can't think of anything anymore
Ugh! It's all because of you

Look more this way, Baby
Don't make me repeat myself
Because I can't take it anymore
Making me fall for you without even realizing it
Is just fine
Um, you heard me say nothing, it's nothing
What is it? You've got a problem?


If the above fashion module isn't much to your liking then perhaps a more asian approach would be better. Here's another video of the same song with some oriental flavor in it.


Gizmo said...

This one is quite good! :)

Bersercules said...

Different outfits? Sweet! When I was watching the first video I was wishing she was dressed differently! But the outfit in the second video was lame. Is there more of them?

Watchful Cat said...

Interesting that there's two videos...not a bad song, Hatsune Miku may be growing on me a bit.

Hasidic Plumber said...

I can only pray for the day those girls come in a raccoon costume. Maybe one day...

To Tipota said...

Cool i would like to play a video game with this character.. or at least similar ones.

Mai Yang said...


Crisalys said...

I remember playing this on my PSP. It was easy. B)

convictus said...

that was interesting...

Anonymous said...

It's pretty cool. (:

Anonymous said...

I like the song.

Fang said...

THOSE GLASSES she totally got me

Lendo Khar said...

Why she had to look so good in the picture below the lyrics? I like the video and the outfit, but I prefer 2d Miku over the 3d one.

Natural One said...


Dalf said...

2D > 3D

Any day of the week!

Anime characters don't transition well to CG

DWei said...

Stockings and glasses....

Excuse me for a moment... ._.

Bart said...

kinda weird imo

my day in a sentence said...

Gosh, I hated it. She sings horrible. :S

Adam said...

That was the first anime music video (well a real one not anime videos with crappy american music on top of it aka AMVs) I've seen

Bob said...

I liked it. I think she looks nice in 3D also.

Ok, so.. let me get this straight - you can create a music with this synthetic voice using the Hatsune Miku "program", right? The animation is created in it also?

Anonymous said...

i havee the same skirt!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I like the video.

Mochileiro said...

Rly Nice!!

Max Power said...

very cute

Reilly said...


Lord Phrozen said...

There are bathing suits and bikinis but they kinda looks weird wearing those inside an old convenience store.

But she's not an anime character!

Vocaloids can only sing for you. You need another program or musical instruments to compose the music. The animation can be created by using MMD (Miku Miku Dance) for PC or Project DIVA for PS3/PSP systems. MMD allows you to freely create the video to your absolute liking but it requires a lot of knowledge, action scripts and models to use while Project DIVA by SEGA is very limited and simplistic, yet it comes with a lot of costumes and actions.

Shaw said...

I'll never get used to the way she/it sounds

Bob said...

Lord Phrozen: Interesting.. thanks for the clarification.

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