Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: Karakami Village (Ep.6)

Utao and Kyouhei returns to the village along with Hibino to seek the hidden truth about their other sibling and to visit the only doll workshop that could repair gods. ­­

Utao's face while sleeping.
They visit the village's doll workshop to have Kukuri repaired and got yelled at by the person in-charged for not treating the dolls properly. Those dolls are treated as gods by the village and yet they just use them like a weapons. While there, they saw the remains of Takemikazuchi and it was destrouyed more badly than it looks.

Aoi tori... Oh wait! Wrong show.
Moyako, the upcoming head of the workshop explains to them how the dolls were created. They prepare something called the "god's blood" and then soak sacred wood in it. That kind of wood only grows at the village and are capable of transmitting one's will to another, making it possible for a Seki to communicate with the doll from a distance.

That's not a godly toilet sit, is it?
The woods itself where the sacred trees grow are capable of transmitting information from one person to another. Hibino doesn't know this until Moyako reads her mind. She tries to shut her mind before Moyako can see anything but it was useless, she saw the kindness inside of her and praised her for it. Before they could return, Hibino saw a vision of Aki from Moyako's memories which made her really sad.

Woohoo! Kukuri has fully recovered!
While waiting for Kukuri's recovery, Utao questioned her grandfather about the identity of Takemikazuchi's Seki and he confirms to her that he is indeed her younger twin brother. The two were separated at birth and the other was raised in secret by the Hyuuga clan. This led her to think that she must act as an elder sister to him the next time they meet.

Now back to training the basics.
Days later, Kukuri was finally repaired and Utao needs train herself to fully grasp the controls once again. The training went perfect with Kukuri at prime condition, the three then decided to return home after a whole day of work.

Does she really have to put those inbetween her breasts?
On the way back, Utao asked the others if they can fly their way home with Kukuri. Kyouhei was fine with the idea but he knows that Hibino is terrible with heights. With Hibino's permission, they flew their way back, though she's still cowering in fear along the way. Everything was running smoothly until Utao loses concentration, giving them the fright of their life.

Oh, so she's wearing pink today.
Hours later, Hibino and Kyouhei managed to be alone together. She then asked him things about what Aki mentioned before, the thing about their teacher. Kyouhei was reminded of his past and the episode comes to an end.

A fusion of Hibino and Utao?
Nothing much happened in this episode aside from setting up the next one. I have to agree that I'm quite intrigued about Kyouhei's former teacher and Moyako's relationship with Aki. He mentioned before that Hibino kinda resembled their former teacher, but from what I can see, she looks more like an adult Utao. Oh well, we'll be seeing their past in the next episode so don't you miss it!

Next Episode:
Portrait of Memories

Stay tuned for next episode!


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