Friday, August 19, 2011

Sacred Seven: The True Light and Dark Stone (Ep.7)

Ruri was kidnapped by Knight and was taken to his secret lair. He needs to extract her blood to create a vaccine that would prevent him from mutating into a Dark Stone permanently. Alma and Kagami teams up with Kenmi to search for her but the professor seems to have an ulterior motive behind his actions. ­­

This guy is just as useless as ever!
Kagami follows the tracker that Kenmi's SP planted on Knight during their battle but it seems like he already knew about it and re-planted it on a truck to avoid being followed. It was a bit late though because Aiba's information network already found an abandoned shelter within the area and suspected it as the enemy's hideout. Alma enters the shelter and meets with Knight who welcomes him inside without any struggle.

The enemy is actually a good guy?! What a twist!
Knight explains to both Ruri and Alma his reasons for fighting. He reveals that Kenmi has been doing experiments with him and the other Dark Stones as test subjects which resulted in the death of Fei's older brother. He even told them that he wishes to destroy Kenmi to obtain freedom and asked them not to hinder him. The discussion was going fine until they were attack from above by an unknown enemy.

Damn! That's pretty hardcore! Two girls at once?
They were attacked by one of Kenmi's test subjects, Number Zero, then the professor enters the scene like a super hero to save them from the savage beast. The monstrous test subject attacks everything in sight while Kenmi uses the opportunity to attack Knight before he could recover from the monster's attack. Knight have taken quite a bit of punishment from the two and was pinned to the ground for a while, Fei shows up to assist him but the monster attacks her instead.

Monster of the week: No. 0
The monster pauses before the blond girl and she recognizes the savage beast in front of her. It was none other than her older brother who she thought had died due to Kenmi's cruel experiments. The professor interrupts their reunion by attacking them both. The black knight fends the attack and escapes the scene with the girl.

Alma trying to look badass.
Ruri triggers Alma's transformation and fought the abomination together with Kenmi. The professor asks him to destroy the beast completely for the enemy have already lost all signs of humanity. Alma summons the weapon on his left arm to finish the enemy but hesitated before executing the final blow. The enemy escapes and Kenmi got heavily injured.

Glittering star!
Alma and Ruri confronts Kenmi about the information they received from Knight but he denies all charges and acted like the victim in this conspiracy. The two were then puzzled afterwards on who to believe. Is Kenmi really a super hero of justice or just a monster who seeks power?

This guy is just awesome!!!
Meanwhile in Kenmi's research facility, Number Zero was captured once again and it is revealed that the professor released this monster because he's the only one capable to tracking Fei with absolute accuracy, considering that the monster was once her brother.

Too bad he's captured....
This episode is fuckin' awesome! The new opening animation is great, not to mention that the song fits the OP better than the ED. I guess this is the part when the plot is revealed and the story stars kicking in, so I expect less fillers in future episodes and more development.

Next Episode:
Show Me Your Devotion

Fei and Knight becomes homeless once again...


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