Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou: A Full Account on Hanamaru's Soup (Ep.4)

Min got herself a stalker without even realizing it until her sarashi got stolen. Their primary suspect seems to be a suspicious looking character who comes to the shop every once in a while. Could the two individuals be related? ­­

Could he be a food critic?
The episode starts with this guy in shades eating at Hanamaru. For some reason he only takes a sip of the food then he immediately pays up and goes home without finishing the meal. Min took it as a challenge to make a ramen so good that he'll finish the whole meal before going out and because of this, Min forced Narumi to stay with her every night to help her prepare the perfect ramen.

Min's perfect body.
One night, while Min was taking a bath, Narumi spotted an intruder inside the house. The burglar escaped before Narumi could see his face and told Min immediately. She doesn't really have anything worthy of stealing so she wasn't really concerned until she finds out that her sarashi was stolen.

He's doing what with my what?!
Min meets with Alice the next morning to report this incident and to ask some assistance but changed her mind after hearing that they'll put some traps at the shop and interrogate the customers. Doing so will put her shop out of business, so she highly disagrees but Narumi managed to convince her by saying that the stalker is probably doing nasty things with her sarashi. She then hurriedly went to Alice in a panic and left her in-charge of the case.

Only a little more and I could see it!!!
Min acted as bait and took a bath while Narumi is hiding somewhere equipped with a stun grenade. The intruder enters the house again and got caught in the process. Weird thing is that the indruder managed to enter the house with ease even though it is locked. Alice came inside the room to finally close the case.

The doll to the right looks damn suspicious!
The culprit is a designer from a famous lingerie shop. He stole Min's sarashi because he wants her to wear proper underwear, he even said that Min got the perfect bust size and she's ruining it by merely binding it with a piece of cloth. He's not really a pervert and he doesn't seem to have other motives so they let him go.

Enemy captured at last.
The real puzzle is how he managed to enter the house. It seems like the guy with shades is really Min's father and he sometimes drop by the house to check things out without anyone noticing. He unlocks the door, comes in, then goes out. That is when this other intruder comes in to steal the sarashi.

What is it with little girls and bears?
Afterward the incident, Min found a box of ingredients and instructions on how to make the family's secret recipe with a little note from her father that tells her that he wanted to taste her ice cream the next time he visits. The episode then comes to an end.

One mystery still remain though, just who is Min's father? He managed to sneaked inside the house with a huge box of ingredients without anyone noticing him. Not only that, he also managed to avoid all the security cameras. It's like he's Solid Snake or something...

Next Episode:
He Knows About Me

Sugar, spice and everything... nice?


Anonymous said...

i have to thank you^^ i was writing a little story and did not now the name of min´s underewear ^^ so thank you very much for that post *kneel down* ^^ you rescued me XD

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