Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum: A Princess Descends (Ep.4)

Ringo goes on a bird-watching date with Tabuki to fulfill her destiny as written on her diary but some irregular variables like Shoma and Yuri were messing the plan up. Can she fulfill her destiny or is she predetermined by fate to never succeed? ­­

Women in the kitchen, making breakfast.
One morning, Ringo visits the Takakura residence to learn their family recipe for fried eggs. She need to make the perfect lunch for her date with Tabuki. Kamba tells Shoma to accompany her and find any leads to the Penguindrum so he tagged along with her.

Ringo looks damn good in those clothes.
When they arrived at the park, Ringo got attacked by a wild skunk ruining her perfectly planned date before it even started. She forced Shoma to exchange clothes with her so she wouldn't smell as bad but the stink is still there.

This pair is really out of this world.
The two meets with Tabuki who introduces them to his girlfriend, Yuri. A big shocker for Ringo to meet the other girl once again. To add salt into the injury, she learn that Yuri is actually a famous actress who will be playing as the princess for an upcoming play.

The golden princess have arrived.
But even against such a powerful rival, Ringo still didn't waver. She have destiny at her hand afterall. Now all she need is to play what's written on her diary and she'll win at the end. To accomplish that, she need to have lunch with Tabuki at exactly 12:30PM but penguin #2 and a bunch of crows are already feeding on her lunch while they speak, now how could she accomplish this task?

Her secret weapon: Tako Wiener.
Luckily, Yuri brought along enough food for everyone and the lunch she made were damn fabulous! Even though it is not Ringo's lunch they are eating, as long as Tabuki eats at 12:30PM with her then the prophecy is still on the right track.

The princess of scarlet roses, Yuri Tokikago.
The next mission would be to kiss Tabuki at 4:00PM but that task seems impossible with Yuri around him at all times. She jumped into the pond to drown so Tabuki would at least do CPR on her but Tabuki was nowhere in sight when she started drowning. She passes out and later awakens in Tabuki's arms thinking it was him who saved her when it was really Shoma who accomplished the heroic deed.

The princess of creepy crawlers, Ringo Oginome
This is getting suspicious! Yuri might be another person involved in this conspiracy, it may be her mission to sabotage Ringo's destiny by interfering directly. Also, the last entry for Ringo's diary was about a girl in red heels falling from a long escalator, it is not completely clear if Ringo was the one who did it but since it was written in her diary then it might be another mission for her to complete.

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Shoma is the real prince?


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