Monday, August 15, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: To Home... (Ep.5)

Utao meets another Seki with the same face as hers. The shock was too much for her to take that she summoned Kukuri into battle without even thinking. Just who is this boy and what is his relation to the Kuga clan? ­­

Kirio and Takemikazuchi.
An airborne battle between Kukuri and Takemikazuchi have initiated but no matter how many times Utao tries to hit the enemy, it just ends in failure. Takemikazuchi doesn't only have a powerful melee attack but also have a semi-instantaneous long-ranged lightning blast, making it even harder for Kukuri to even scratch its paint. Utao can't use her long-ranged laser beam because it takes too long to charge and would make her defenseless so she tries a preemptive approach from below instead. The attack fails badly and the enemy countered with another lightning storm, causing Kukuri's right arm to break.

And for the final touch, FLY AWAAAAAAY!!!
With Kukuri broken, Kyouhei tells his sister to escape and hide in the forest but it was no use as the enemy managed to find them with ease. Takemikazuchi summons a huge lightning blast to finish Kukuri but the white god refuses to die without a fight. Kukuri went berserk and absorbs the enemy's attack, then fired his own blast in return. The thunder god broke into pieces and the fight ended with Utao's victory.

Poor Kukuri got heavily injured.
With Kukuri all broken after the fight, Kyouhei decides to return to the village to have it fixed. It was supposed to be just him and Utao but Hibino later volunteered to come with them after asking permission from her father.

Kirio getting punished by the head of the Hyuuga clan.
Kirio was punished by the head of the Hyuuga clan for breaking Takemikazuchi until he was coughing blood then Koushiro enters the scene to protect him from such cruelty. After they left, the head goes underground to see the Hyuuga clan's most powerful god, Amaterasu.

Hyuuga clan's secret weapon, Amaterasu the sun goddess.
Damn! This episode is better than I expected. I was literally shitting bricks when Kukuri suddenly went berserk and started singing a different song then crushed the enemy with a single blast. This proves that Utao has yet to learn some of Kukuri's moves and needs to train more.

Next Episode
Karakami Village

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