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Sacred Seven: One More Night (Ep.6)

While Alma and Ruri were having a little misunderstanding with each other, Knight Kijima and his partner Fei kidnaps our lady to harness the power of a Light Stone and brew a vaccine to the Dark Stone's mutation. ­­

This is why you don't punch magma!
The episode starts with Professor Kenmi hunting down a very powerful Dark Stone that escaped his research facility. They call him No.0 (Number Zero) and he seems to be capable of manipulating fire and even magma. A fiery battle ensues in the middle of night between the two but even Kenmi's artificial-gemstone armor named "Cyclops" wasn't enough to take down the savage beast. The battle ends with the enemy's escape and injuries to Kenmi's left arm.

So Knight Kijima is the new C.C.? K.K., maybe?
A nightmare ensues while Knight sleeps and he is forced to re-experience his past when he was nothing but a guinea pig for Kenmi's research lab. No wonder he hates the guy so much, he was treated as shit just to progress in their research. He awakens with his Dark Stone powers going haywire and he takes the last vaccine they have to contain the transformation.

I'm still not sure if this is a cute girl or a delicious trap...
Meanwhile, at Aiba Academy, Alma and Ruri had a little misunderstanding with each other which caused the two to have a little quarrel. Drama in my anime?!

Taking it easy, Alma-style.
After school, while on the way to a business meeting, something happened which resulted in Miss Ruri's disappearance and the destruction of the shows mascot, Onigawara. It seems like Knight kidnapped Ruri to brew some more vaccine to keep his sanity in check. Kagami informed Alma about the incident and left the broken Onigawara in his care. But without Ruri, how can Alma fight without turning into an abomination himself?

Poor girl got rejected by that damned Alma.
While Onigawara was unconscious, Alma was caressing the demon's stone cold body from one corner to another. He even make sure that demon was full of his sticky paste before closing him up then taping it up tightly. To make it short, he tried fixing the guy with flue and tape and it worked! Onigawara returns to his senses and informs the hero that it was Knight Kijima who kidnapped the boss and not only that he can feel the enemy's presence nearby.

Rape is imminent!
Outside Alma's house, just around the mountainous area. Kenmi's SP, that girl who talks lazy, were fighting with Knight in a one-on-one match. Kenmi would want to join in the battle and overpower the enemy but his armor is still in repair and his arm have yet to heal. Alma is powerless without Ruri and thus unable to fight as well.

That's a bunny? Looks more like a spider to me!
Despite the girl's lazy attitude, she actually packs quite a punch but no matter how good she is at hand-to-hand combat, her attacks are just not enough to take down the enemy. Knight summons a sword and used a surprise attack on her to inflict some serious damage to her left arm then used the opportunity to escape. Although he did escaped, the SP did manage to plant a transmitter on him so they can trace him into their hideout.

Ruri looks somehow taller in this shot, don't you think?
This episode was quite action-packed and I enjoyed it a lot. Former episodes didn't quite match my expectations because the battles were always decided by a single-hit deathblow from Alma, so seeing stronger enemies that are not susceptible to OHKs like Knight and No.0 are quite promising. Hoping for more action scenes in the future.

Next Episode:
The True Light and Dark Stone

Alma VS Aruma

I'll explain here why I suddenly decided to change the main protagonist's name from Aruma to Alma and hopefully I could clear out some shit about how retarded his name really is.

Promotional materials calls him Aruma.
The magazine scan from above is the first romanization of Alma's name and is the only reason why I kept that name despite the fact that other sources, especially the official US website, romanized his name as Alma Tandoji which didn't sound right because Alma is a girl's name.

Episode 4 officially calls him Alma.
However, during Episode #04, while Kagami was looking at his machine's monitor. We can clearly read ALMA if we zoom in on that yellow dot around the center which pinpoints Alma's exact location in the radar. So whether I would like to admit it or not, it's official, the hero of the show has a girl's name. And that is the reason why I'll call him Alma from this point onwards.

Technically, I still hate that name but that's just me hatin', see ya!


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Another one I haven't seen. Still, looks really cool.

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