Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum: Then Devour Me Curry-geously (Ep.3)

Shoma and Kamba ignores the Penguin Queen's order and pretends that it's just Himari playing tricks on them, the Queen proves herself but the two were quite stubborn and wouldn't listen. With no other way left to prove herself, she takes back the life she have given their sister and Himari dies once again... ­­

This guy is also a lock pick specialist?
Himari awakens once again when she wears the hat, but Shoma and Kamba are now given proof that the Queen can easily take away their happiness the moment they disobey her. The two waited until Ringo takes the train to school then invaded her home in search of the Penguindrum.

Women in the kitchen, not so surprising.
Before the two brothers could go out, Ringo returns home to cook some curry. Although they are trapped into hiding, they used this opportunity to observe Ringo as they may get some clues about the Penguindrum if they observe her from home.

Tabuki from years ago. He didn't age well.
She cooks a special curry for Tabuki and goes to his place to eat with him as foretold by her diary. She then menacingly grins as she read the details of her destiny. But not all plans seem to go as expected, she meets someone at Tabuki's home and it's not Tabuki himself.

Ringo checks her future diary. That symbol?! Could it be the Turtledrum?
The stalker meets the girlfriend, Yuri, who is currently cooking her own special curry for Tabuki as well. She's in a panic on what to do as another girl was never mentioned in her diary. Some time later, Tabuki arrives and while Yuri is on her way to the door, Ringo switches the pot of curry at the stove with hers so Tabuki will eat HER curry and not Yuri's. She jumps out the window afterwards.

Tabuki's blonde girlfriend, Yuri.
Yuri Tokikago is voiced by Mamiko Noto who also did the voice for Princess Yukiko (Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera) and Tomoe Wajima (Hanasaku Iroha). Unlike the three main characters whose VAs have quite a small carrier profile, this VA have quite a long list of history. She's one of my favorite VAs so hopefully she gets a more active role in this show.

Ringo as she paints the town red with her curry.
On her way home, Ringo meets with Himari after a little accident involving a stray cat and an invisible penguin. The two became friends and cooked curry together at the Takakura residence which serve quite a surprise to Shoma and Kamba when they arrived home.

She might look mad but her voice is still as cute as ever.
The four got to know each other while eating curry, Ringo goes home afterwards, then the episode comes to an end. Overall, this episode is quite good, I'm pissed about Shoma though, he doesn't seem to have enough dedication as Kamba who will do about anything for Himari's well being. I mean, their sister's life is at stake here and yet he can't bare to invade another girl's room? It's just enetering a room, he doesn't have to make a big deal out of it!

Curry is house!
Also, when Ringo touched that cooking pot while it's still hot, I kinda felt her pain even though I'm just watching. The moment I heard that "PSSSHH" sound burning her hand, I kinda went "Owwww" for some unknown weird reason, maybe I got too absorbed into the show. Oh well, enough ramblings, that's it for now.

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