Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Mermaid Princess and a Shell Bra (Ep.18)

Nako receives an increase in salary for no apparent reason and interprets it as a way for the Madam Manager to push her forward and improve. She does her best to meet that demand but she messes it up in the end. What should she do to meet her expectations? ­­

Only 5,000 yen? Below minimum wage?
Ohana receives a huge salary deduction due to her negligence causing one of the inn's valuable vases to break. Nako however, receives a salary raise. Tomoe comments that the Madam Manager may have some sort of big expectations from her. This cause Nako to think that she may need to improve to meet the Madam Manager's expectations.

Nako really is the sexiest of the bunch.
Since they all just got their salary, Yuina suggests that they all went on a little shopping spree. The girls went to the clothing department and tried on some clothes but clothes that are supposed to be cute seems to look sexy when Nako is wearing them so Yuina grabbed some accessories that would complement Nako's clothes and made her wear them all. In the end, she bought it all on impulse and only regrets it the moment she returned home.

Nako's family.
Nako is more cheerful, energetic and talkative when she's at home but becomes shy and silent when she's outside. That is why she compares herself to a mermaid and thinks of her home as the ocean. In the ocean, she is free to do anything she wishes and she could swim all day but once she's on land, it becomes harder to breathe that it suffocates her.

Nako isn't really my type but she's damn hard to resist...
She thinks of the salary raise as golden ornaments that binds her down from the sheer weight of responsibility that the Madam Manager is giving her, making her unable to swim freely in the ocean, that is why she decided to act normally as if she's at home while working at the inn but this caused problems to one of the guests and she ends up failing. I can't really blame her though, that guest looks damn crazy and he didn't even answer her when she asked.

She's more like an Egyptian princess now than a mermaid princess.
After apologizing to the Madam Manager, she insist that she doesn't deserve the raise as she's shy and untalkative towards the guests and makes mistakes every once in a while. The Madam Manager objects by showing her a letter of appreciation from one of the guests and tells her that despite all those faults that she mentioned earlier, she is still a splendid waitress who serves her customers to the fullest extent of her duties.

This episode is damn good, I love it! We see a part of Nako that we usually don't so I enjoyed it until the end. I also liked how she visualizes herself as a mermaid, it really fits her character and it kinda flowed nicely into the story. Nako isn't my favorite character in the show but I love this episode the most. Maybe because I really felt the story this time. Oh well, that's it for now...

Next Episode:
Sloppy Omelet Rice

Damn! Those breast ornaments looks delicious.


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