Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sacred Seven: The Heart's Mirror (Ep.5)

The Geology Club goes on a little tour to study nature. Everything is just like a vacation until they discover that the area is a giant nesting ground for Dark Stones. Can Aruma handle this alone or would he need Kagami to back him up? ­­

A loli who isn't flat chested? I thought they were just a myth?!
While the rest of the Geology Club are having fun under the sun, Wakana spends most of her time collecting rocks until she discovers the entrance to some ancient ruins. She calls everyone to check it out but Aruma feels the presence of a Dark Stone inside so Kagami detracted the group into eating lunch first.

"I saw what you did there!"
While everyone's enjoying their lunch, Kagami goes to check the cave all alone in his new and improved A.G.W.S. unit equipped with a single-shot Corundum Laser Cannon, capable of destroying anything in its path. Feeling confident, he charges inside enemy territory not knowing how powerful it actually is.

Next upgrade will probably be wings or a force field
The enemy reacts to the intruder and the earth started shaking. Ruri worriedly runs towards Kagami and Aruma chases after her but the ground collapses and they fall into the enemy's lair unprepared. Aruma awakens underground with no signs of Ruri anywhere, he looks for her but a swarm of insect-type Dark Stones keeps on attacking him. Without his powers, he can do nothing but run away.

They fell into a huge opening on the ground and they ended up in a cave?
Kagami finds Ruri lying on the ground and protects her from the endless swarm of enemies around them. Although he handles the small fries with ease, Kagami can't battle the boss as firing the Corumdum Laser Cannon at that range would cause enough impact from the blast to endanger Ruri's life without any protection.

"Where's Aruma? He's useless without me!!"
Aruma managed to catch up to them but he's in the floor below them and could only hear each other. Kagami uses all the power his A.G.W.S. could output to open a crack on the floor, giving Ruri the opportunity to pass her powers to Aruma, enabling him to wield the powers of the Sacred Seven.

Monster of the week: Pyramid Core
Aruma summons the power to pierce through anything with absolute precision and defeats the enemy with yet again another single hit deathblow. Both Aruma and Kagami are now convinced that they can't protect Ruri alone but with each other's cooperation. The episode ends before we could even see Wakana in a bathing suit which is kinda bad but at least we get to see some delicious Ruri.

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