Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: Heruma (Ep.4)

The village have sent two Sekis to deal with Aki, but one of them seems to have another motive and tries to finish off Utao by causing a traffic accident. Just who is this new Seki and why does he target Utao? ­­

Kuramitsuha reminds me of Kabutops for some reason.
The episode begins with a more detailed perspective of Aki and Koushiro's battle, seeing it from Aki's point of view instead of Kuuko. Aki tries to escape every chance he have but Koushiro won't let him go and stalks him everywhere. The enemy is good but Aki is still better and he almost killed Koushiro if only another Seki had not interfered.

Poor Kukuri covered in dirt and mold.
Kukuri got really dirty during last week's episode because Utao made him swim in polluted water. Now the two are trying to clean him up but Utao's attention seems to be somewhere else as she remember what happened earlier after the accident. She felt another Seki and it was neither Aki or any other Seki that she knows.

Hibino's secret weapon, her purple underwear.
The girls got wet while cleaning Kukuri so they took a bath afterwards. Kyouhei returns to inform them that Aki had escaped and Koushiro is after him. Utao also informs her brother that she met another Seki at the town and it's not someone they know.

XBOX to the left, PSP Slim to the right.
The next day, Hibino meets with Kuuko who tells her that she found someone related to the monster who saved her back in the woods. Hibino got worried that it might be Aki and tells Kyouhei about it. The two meets up with Utao and goes to Kuuko's place to check the situation.

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake. If the way is hazy...
Kuuko interrogates Aki about his powers but he just unties himself with ease using Kuramitsuha's power and threatens her. Kyouhei arrives and Aki's attention went to him, he sees Hibino up close and tells Kyouhei that she looks like their "teacher". After hearing him say those words, Kyouhei went berserk and punches Aki like there's no tomorrow but the enemy still managed to escape afterwards.

This pic would be a lot better if Aki is the little girl.
The three chased after him but they all got seperated while Aki returns to Kuuko's room because noone would think that he'd return to that place right away. While seperated from the others, Utao meets another Seki who looks identical to her. She summons Kukuri without thinking but they were defeated in mere seconds. Just who is this person and why does he look like Utao?

Now you know that Utao wears tights underneath.
Kyouhei went mad during this episode and I liked it. I kinda understand why Aki is doing all this to him because all he does is escape from his fate instead of facing it, he has become a wuss when he's pretty badass in the past. Oh well, I guess I'll be cheering for Aki until he awakens the savage beast inside Kyouhei. Until next time!

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