Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: The Attack Is Coming... (Ep.3)

After being defeated by Utao, Aki manages to escape from the village's grasp once again to chase after his rival, Kyouhei, endangering everyone dear to him. Can Utao win against a veteran for a second time or would the village send another God to finish the job? ­­

Moeblobs sexually rubbing each other.
Utao works hard at the cafe but she can't help but mess up the place because of her clumsiness. Hibino arrives to  take her place and save the day but she brought along a friend of hers who do nothing but tease our beloved girl.

"It's been a long while, Shiki. How is Akiha doing these days?"
Utao and Hibino had a little date outside to train with Kukuri which made a little stir after she loses concentration. In the meantime, Kyouhei meets with Aki once again. He tells him to go back to the villlage and even begs him which pissed Aki even more because he knows more than the others that Kyouhei is a beast just like him.

"Wait! These things we call gods are just ancient Medabots? No way!"
Aki threatens Kyouhei that he'll kill Hibino if he keeps being a wuss just to piss him off, and it did. Kyouhei went mad and revealed his inner beast but someone interfered to finish off Aki. His name is Koushiro amd he wield another doll named Uwazutsu. The attack caused a screen of smoke and Aki used it to escape.

"My hair gives me superhuman sense of smell!"
Kyouhei calls Hibino to inform her that he cannot come so the two girls decided to go home instead. Another mysterious character suddenly appeared in the middle of a highway which caused a traffic accident that made Hibino and Utao's life in danger. Luckily, Utao's reflexes was fast enough to summon Kukuri before the truck could hit them and the day is saved once again, thanks to the great Kukuri.

Their little date is about to end when suddenly...
Hibino thanked Utao for saving her and she felt happy after being praised. The culprit who caused the accident also praises her from afar which alerted her of his presence.

My love for you is like a truck... Oh wait! It is a truck!
Aki is being chased by that Koushiro guy and just wouldn't let him go. A battle between the two gods ensues in the sky and Hibino's classmate, Kuuko, witnessed the event. She chased after the location where she saw the battle and saw Aki knocked out after being defeated. She saves him from his pursuers, but she seems to have other intentions...

Medabots ready? ROOOOOOOOBATTLE!!!
Finally, we get to see some real action. Really though, these things they call gods are merely just ancient Medabots, even the battles aren't much. Maybe Kyouhei is the only one capable of cleaving a whole mountain with Kukuri, or they are all just suppressing their powerlevels to avoid as much damage to the city. Oh well, I'm expecting some Evangelion style battles near the end so it better not disappoint me...

Next Episode:

Ticket to godly powers? GEEEEEET!!!


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