Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Pool on the Hill (Ep.17)

An unknown fugitive sneaked inside Kissui Inn without anyone noticing aside from Yuina, who became a victim to his knife. Ohana hears her voice as she shouts in pain and rushes inside the room only to see the enemy with a gun aimed at her... Nah! They're just filming a movie. ­­

Saber vs Assassin at Ryuudo Temple's gate.
Shooting rehearsal begins and while the other actors are not yet around, Yuina and the rest of the gang are there in their place to test if all the equipments are all working correctly. We get to see Yuina jumping out the window for the first scene then a death scene at another.

What are those wires and why do I hear 'vrrrrrrrrrrr'? OMG!
Everything is working smoothly and the pool is opened to be ready for the movie. While the actors and the movie crew were all filming, the Enishi and the Producer were finishing the documents and the signing of the contract. Enishi signs the contract without having any second thoughts, not knowing the trouble they will be in later...

Pool's (not) closed due to aids.
After paying the movie Producer with their investment, the movie crew along with the actors just all disappeared in a flash saying the movie was cancelled. Takako and Enishi goes into panic trying to search for the person responsible but failed to pinpoint their location, they've been scammed!

We shall return!!!
Enishi and Takako kept blaming each other for this incident even though it was both their fault for being so gullible in the first place. The two was so blinded by success that they didn't even bother to hesitate whether the Producer is trustworthy or not.

Paprika diving into another person's consciousness.
Takako goes outside having a guilty conscience about the incident. She kept pushing the blame on Enishi even though it was her idea in the first place. Enishi came to talk to her but he loses balance and the two fell into the pool.

Damn! Another victim to the wetness... That purple bra.
The two sorted out their feelings for one another (or something similar to that) and forgave each other for their mistakes and vowed to work together from now on. I don't really get what's actually happening here but I think Takako have a little crush on Enishi, and he discovers that fact (or misinterpreted it). A tsundere perhaps?

I'll give you everything I got! Spirit Gun!!!
Nothing much really happened in this episode aside from that little drama with the young master. Next episode will center on Nako and she'll be a mermaid with seashells to cover her breasts so don't you dare miss it!

Next Episode:
Mermaid Princess and Shell Bra

OMG! Loli Satsuki does look delicious! No wonder Enishi's obsessed.


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