Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: This Sky, That Sky (Ep.16)

A producer came to Yunosagi to film a movie at Kissui Inn's location. If the film becomes a huge success, it would serve well as the inn's nationwide advertisement and would attract movie fans to their inn. Not only that, the producer even guaranteed that their employees would appear on screen! ­­

Yunosagi looks like a huge vegetable farm?!
Takako informs Enishi  about the opportunity to appear in a movie to improve the inn's image and attract a lot of customers. He bit the bait without hesitation and meets with the producer who liked the area and would gladly do all this for a cost.

Cowboy Producer to the right.
Enishi, Takako and the Producer all came to meet with the Madam Manager and talked about the terms and conditions about the movie. Kissui Inn will have to shoulder 10% of the movie's production cost, in exchange the movie will be filmed at the inn and the employees will be able to cast in the film. Madam Manager didn't like the idea but left Enishi in-charged and he agreed without hesitation.

Wait! Is this some kind of a metaphor for sister complex?
Enishi tells Ohana, Nako and Minko to clean up the unused nearby pool, to be used in the movie later. Then a flashback occurs and we see him looking at a younger Satsuki will she swims under the sun. This guy is definitely a huge siscon, I'm not even sure if he really likes Takako or only sees some aspects of Satsuki in her.

Shooting rehearsal starts now!
The main actress arrives and shooting rehearsal begins soon afterwards. Ohana and Nako are both excited to cast in the show and are quite happy about the idea while Minko really just wants to be a chef and doesn't care much about the film.

The swimming pool would only look nice if Satsuki is bathing in it.
Enishi talks about the idea of how both he and his mom agrees that Satsuki should become the new manager and successor of the inn, but she refuses and moves away instead. Then he sees another flashback of loli Satsuki in a tight bathing suit. This guy is really pathetic, then again I can't blame him because loli Satsuki does look pretty tempting.

Minchi wields the legendary weapon, Deck Brush.
Minchi wields Stahn Aileron's famed weapon and cleans the pool by firing a huge Demon Blade but it was not enough to defeat the savage pool so she calls forth Aqua Spiral instead. The sudden burst of water caused Ohana and Nako to fall victim to the wetness, so their clothes became semi-transparent and underwear could be slightly seen. Can the three defeat such an abomination from nature or will they fall victim to themselves? Stay tuned to find out!

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Pool on the Hill

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