Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Idolmaster: Everything Starts With One Courageous Step (Ep.3)

After failing a couple of auditions and improving their promotional materials, 765 Productions will finally perform on stage. But the location doesn't seem to be good, the equipments are quite ancient and they are understaffed. Can the team still perform under these circumstances? ­­

"Oh noes! I'm gonna get raped!"
The show starts with Yukiho crying around because she's afraid of the male instructor. She have this phobia of men that she's trying to overcome by trying to be a star, but overcoming it could be quite an impossible achievement for her as all she can do is cower away from them. Producer tried to calm her down but considering that he's also a male, she just kept her distance a little further.

Producer got them a gig somewhere in the middle of the province and it was not quite as they expected. The stage is tiny, the equipments are old and the crew is understaffed so the girls have to do some manual labor to help setting up the event. That's not all, they brought along more provocative clothing for the concert that the country folks might not like so they have to perform with their current clothes on.

During rehearsal, Yukiho makes another commotion because there are guys watching her perform and she's just too afraid of them. No matter how good and polite the guy is, they become monsters in her vision. No wonder she's afraid, it's like playing Silent Hill in real life! Maybe she got in a traffic accident and her brain was somehow fixed by an alien, so now she perceives people as aliens and what she actually perceives as humans are actually aliens! WHAT A TWEEST!!

Normal vision.
Yukiho's vision.
Makoto and Haruka tries to cheer her up by saying that they are actually quite nervous too and their legs just won't stop shaking, so the three of them should work together to overcome this obstacle. Yukiho decides to give it her best and suppresses her fear of men, but as she looks down the stage, she sees another obstacle for her... A dog!

What has been seen can’t be unseen.
Producer tries to calm her down by saying that he'll stay by the dog to make sure it doesn't do anything to her. The two made a promise and the she goes back on stage and the concert was a big success.

Yukiho is actually pretty cute when she's not crying or cowering in fear.
Afterward the concert, Yukiho figures that Producer is also afraid of dogs and he admits it. He was bitten by a dog when he was child and started having a phobia of them. He tried to conquer his fear of dogs since everyone is doing their best for the concert, so he wanted to push himself even further. Because of that Yukiho and the Producer got am little closer and understood a bit about each other.

I think Producer is a pretty cool guy. He kills his fear and is not afraid of dogs.
Despite almost everyone disliking this episode because of Yukiho, I actually enjoyed it. Yukiho isn't the same as the other anime characters who has men phobia. Those girls are as powerful as a tank and beats the MC to a bloody pulp in an everyday basis, while Yukiho is just afraid of them and doesn't do them harm. Oh well, that's it for now.

Next Episode:
That Changes Who I Am


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