Monday, August 1, 2011

Sacred Seven: School Festival of Hell (Ep.4)

The school festival is coming and while the students are all busy preparing for the event, a Dark Stone attacks the school without notice. Should they cancel the festival to ensure everyone's safety or should they take the risk of defeating it in absolute secrecy? It's up to Aruma and Kagami to decide! ­­

Monster of the week: Stone Worm-thing Leech
The Dark Stone this time is very weak and quite small so it doesn't post much threat compared to monsters from the earlier episodes but is still quite dangerous as it could turn anything it touches into stone. Onigawara feels its presence but Kagami told him to keep this from Ruri or else the festival that she has been working on will be cancelled for everyone's safety .

The burning flame eternally dancing in Ruri's eyes...
Aruma feels the presence of the Dark Stone too but Kagami tells him to keep it a secret from Ruri as well. Unable to do anything without his powers, he along with Onigawara's help made a little plan for him to transform without alerting Ruri.

Meet at the rooftop? Sounds like a confession!
Aruma calls Ruri to have a talk in private at the rooftop of the school building. The girl skips a heartbeat while the guy tells her how he truly feels. Basically, he tells her that he wants to train so could become more proficient in the next battle and asks her if she could let him transform for a while. She thinks it's a good idea and uses a spare lower-grade gemstone that cost 140,000,000 yen.

Wakana encounters a wild Dark Stone and Light Stone.
After the transformation, Wakana enters the room and sees Aruma with his suit on. She thought of it as an awesome costume and would look good at advertising the Geology Club. Aruma chases after the intruder but it splits up into two so he can only chase one of them at a time.

Kagami commences operation "Mirror Force" and modifies his Knightmare frame to look like a cardboard Gundam and chases after the other half of the enemy. The enemy passes through a monument which caused the foundation to deteriorate and collapse, putting the students in danger.

"I should've gone to the bathroom first before I got in this suit!"
Aruma comes to the rescue but he got his hands full with just holding up the monument and preventing from falling to the ground. After successfully destroying half of the enemy, Kagami back him up with his Gundam and the students are safe. The two then went to the remaining part of the enemy and defeats it with teamwork.

Ruri reminds me of that little runt, Chibi-Ichigo, desu!
Ruri discovers the truth after the incident and lectures the two about prioritizing everyone's safety, but forgives them afterwards for saving the school festival.

This episode kinda redeemed the show for me because even though it's just filler, it was more watchable and enjoyable than Ep.2 and Ep.3, those episode sucks and I hate them. Also, we discover that Aruma's transformation have a time limit and that limit depends on the quality of the gemstone that Ruri uses.

Next Episode:
The Heart's Mirror


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