Friday, July 29, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: God's Special Training (Ep.2)

After barely winning against Aki in a godly showdown, Kyouhei along with Hibino and Utao goes to an empty space in the woods to train Kukuri. But just as everything is going smoothly, an explosion occurred and smoke started rising up. It's up to Utao and Kukuri to save the day! ­­

They had a picnic with Kukuri just staring at them. Cruel bastards!
It all started with Utao and Kukuri's training. Kyouhei have been supervising her to maximize her potential but she seems to lack concentration from time to time. Hibino brought some homemade food so the three had a little picnic afterwards.

Kukuri went mad due to hunger and eats a car. OM NOM NOM.
They went to another round of training when suddenly an explosion occurred. Utao sent Kukuri to the location to investigate and found two people caught in the fire. She tries to save them but Kyouhei keeps calling her "stupid" everytime she makes a mistake and this made her upset.

"My little sister can't be this cute!!!"
Utao became upset after realizing that Kyouhei might not want her around and she just became a burden in his life. Her big brother disagrees though, and tells her that he really missed her since he left, but even though he loves his little sister, he still have to be strict during training. After some tears, Utao became serious and saves the fire victims with ease, only to lose concentration after Kyouhei praises her.

"Why are you scratching your dick in front of me?!"
The next morning, Hibino sees Kyouhei in an awkward position. He's been accustomed to living a solitary life that he forgot that he's living in Shiba's residence right now. Kyouhei apologizes to her until they reach school, that is when they meet the cause of the forest explosion.

"I was either saved by a forest giant or aliens did it."
Her name is Kuuko and she is the representative for the Science Club. She uses the shed at the forest as her clubroom without the school's permission and during some commotion within the club, some chemicals got unto an open flame which caused the explosion. She doesn't remember much from the incident but she remembers a white giant saving her.

Maybe it's one of those chinese knockoffs, PolyStation II?
Utao plays some flight simulator game on a console that looks like a Sony PS2 but she keeps losing so she let Kukuri play in her place instead. After a while, she loses concentration once again and Kukuri falls over the console, breaking it completely.

"Burn everything in sight!"
Hibino and Kyouhei had a little chat about the village and Kyouhei reveals a bit about his past. He used to be one of the most talented Seki back in the village, but everything changed after that and he experienced nothing but a path of carnage. He quits and left the village to forget everything but feels guilty after passing down his tragic fate to Utao.

"Welcome! Would you like to drink coffee? Or would you like to eat me instead?"
Utao helps out at the cafe. She might spill some drinks or break some plates but she's still extremely cute either way. Kyouhei comes back with Hibino and he teases Utao after seeing her in an apron.

"It's been a long while, partner."
Kyouhei remembers the old days when Kukuri was still his partner and he tries talking to it, but Kukuri goes away and warps to Utao's side instead. A scene shows Aki's escape and the episode comes to an end.

This show really does have its moments but it's kinda slow paced so I hope we get some action soon. If Kyouhei was the kid at the beginning of episode 1, then he's the one who made Kukuri obliterate a mountain just to kill the enemy and in my dictionary, that's pretty badass.

Next Episode:
The Attack Is Coming...

"Should I give you despair?"


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