Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou: Something I Can Do for the Two of Them (Ep.3)

The bad guys have found Meo's location after using the phone to call her father. Now, the yakuza have invaded Hanamaru Ramen Shop and trashed the place. They threaten to hurt Min if she doesn't reveal the girl's exact location. ­­

After causing trouble for Min and the rest of the gang, she walk out with the money and contacts the bad guys. She promises to give them the money in exchange for her father's life not knowing that once the bad guys get their money, they'll be in more danger since they have no need of them anymore. I guess stupid girls does stupid things.

With Alice's hacking skill, she was able to pin point the location of the payphone that Meo is using to contact the bad guys. Narumi came to save and stop her as doing will will risk their lives even more, but the enemies arrive before they could escape and Narumi was beaten to a pulp. Luckily, Yondaime's gang arrives just in time to save them.

Being assistant is suffering!
Narumi wakes up at Yondaime's place with Meo crying beside him. He wants to protect her with everything he got but he is powerless against the enemy alone, so he begs to join Yondaime's gang to get their full support. They held a little gathering to celebrate Narumi and Yondaime's new found brotherhood. Also, we get to see Alice in a kimono.

First, she looks like Stocking. Now, she looks like Ai Enma from Jigoku Shojou.
With their combined strength, they figured out a plan to save Meo's father. First, they deposited the money into the bank then threaten the enemy that the money will be deposited into another account by the next day so they better withdraw the money before the bank closes. Here's the thing, the account they used is named after Meo's father so they need to bring him to the bank to withdraw the money.

Meo's family.
That's a lot of money you got there!
They waited outside the bank until they saw the syndicate with Meo's dad then they attacked them in hand to hand combat. Narumi tries to fight too but was mistakenly punched by Tetsu instead. He watches Meo and her dad's reunion for a second then he blacks out.

Narumi bluffs like he never bluffed before.
With the syndicate captured, Meo's father is now free and he gets to date his daughter for the day. Meo prepares herself for this special day with Ayaka and Alice playing dress-up with her

I'm having mixed feelings about this arc. Initially, I liked Meo's character but started to dislike her when she started doing some stupid shit. Overall, I'm neutral, but I still liked the first arc better even though Shouko's reason for prostitution is just as stupid.

Next Episode:
The Full Account of Hanamaru Soup


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