Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou: You and a Traveling Bag (Ep.2)

A client goes to Alice's NEET Detective Agency and she introduces herself as Meo. She came in search of her father who suddenly disappeared after instructing her through phone to never contact him again. ­­

Little brown girls are the best!!!
Her father used to work for the yakuza but he quits after marrying her mother. His last instruction was to take the luggage from the safe, escape and never contact him again. Alice asks permission to open the luggage and was quite surprised to see the contents.

Oh shit! It's Kyuubei's sick demented cousin again!!!
The bag has 200,000,000 yen inside. Her father doesn't earn much to get that much money so Alice deducted that the money may have come from illegal means and her father could be involved with crime syndicates. Alice accepts the case but with one condition, Meo must never call her father. Following her father's instruction could be for her own safety after all.

Alice is damn cute in those bear pajamas.
In the mean time, Meo stays with them and temporarily works at Hanamaru Ramen Shop while Alice calls the team to investigate. Alice contacts Yondaime, leader of a NEET yakuza group, for assistance. She sends them an image of Meo's father but their computer doesn't seem to respond and she keeps getting an error so she sent Narumi to deliver the photo instead.

Adult Killua playing Greed Island on his computer.
Narumi receives an emergency call from Tetsu so he came to the location as fast as he can but when he arrives, it seems like he only need money. Tetsu have been gambling with another yakuza group in able to gain their trust and gain info about Meo's father. After gathering enough info, the team met up at Alice's room to report and it seems like Meo's father is really involved with the yakuza.

"Hey, bro! You got some cash?"
Afterwards, despite her father's warning and Alice's instruction, Meo still called her father''s cellphone and because of that, the yakuza have pinpointed her location which put her and the others in danger. This really pissed me off because she can't follow a god damn single instruction. Everyone was working hard just to help her and this is how she repays them? By putting them all in danger?! THIS IS BULL ROAR!!

Next Episode:
Something I Can Do for the Two of Them

"I'll just try calling my father so I could put everyone in danger..."


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