Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou: Two or Three Things I Know About Her (Ep.1) Side B

Alice finds out that Miku and Satoshi are only doing this prostitution gig to search for their beloved friend, Shouko, who suddenly disappeared a few days ago. They are checking out her former "customers" to find clues about her whereabouts. ­­

Kamisama no Memochou at his laptop.
They decide to find clues about Shouko too but without any clues to what she looks or her full name they won't have any leads unless they could extract some info from those two. Since Narumi goes to the same school as the girl, he is assigned to interrogate her.

Crying loli with a teddy bear.
Some cute moments about Alice and her teddy bear. Narumi took it to someone who could fix it, but it seems like that person is a Yakuza gang leader. Enough of this side quest and unto the main event...

I can tell that these two girls are in love even without my yuri goggles on.
Narumi talks to Miku and asks her is she remembers him. The two talk in private and she reveals her part of the story. There's this really good friend of her that she adores the most. They were chatting in a cafe until she went away for a second. Miku took Shouko's cellphone to change her wallpaper while she's away so they would have matching ones but was surprised to see that her wallpaper involves a guy she never knew about. Shouko returns and tells her it's her boyfriend, Satoshi, and the two had a little quarrel afterwards. She disappeared ever since. Miku reveals Shouko's fullname after telling this story and Narumi reports to Alice immediately.

Just in case you didn't notice, he buys packs of ice during Side A.
Major stalks Satoshi to the convenience store and discovers that he was always buying packs of ice since Shouko's disappearance. Alice tells him to abort mission and to return to base at once. She have solved the mystery and the case is now in closure.

This is Redlobster, Dogfort can you hear me?
Alice visits Miku to tell her of Shouko's location and the reason she disappeared. Apparently, Shouko feels too much pressure from her parents, friends and teachers as they wish for her to become the most talented, the nicest and to be the most perfect. She could not escape from the pressure until she started harming herself through prostitution. So Miku was one of the reason why Shouko disappeared.

Damn! Alice in that dress and that BGM reminds me of Stocking.
Shouko died of suicide inside Satoshi's apartment and he has been preserving her body by using ice ever since. In the end, Shouko didn't lie to the two but showed them only half of what she really is, so when Miku and Satoshi met each other and talked about their experience with her, they were able to puzzle out her true self, another side that they didn't know about.

The verdict? Quality is damn consistent for an anime by JC Staff. Hopefully they could keep up with the consistency since this studio have a very bad track record. So far, the story is kinda mediocre but was presented quite nicely and clean. All the clues were there so Alice's deduction didn't came from some haxx spring of knowledge or something, it gave the show a level of realism with it and I hope it gets even better from here.

Next Episode:
You and a Traveling Bag

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