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Kamisama no Memochou: Two or Three Things I Know About Her (Ep.1) Side A

Narumi lives a boring life and feels detached from other people. That is until he meets Alice, a NEET Detective who needs his assistance in solving a case. He agrees to help without thinking that he could put his life in danger. ­­

A girl in a garbage dump?! Is she a Persocom too?
One day, Narumi got lost on his way home. He somehow ended in the hotel district and sees a girl as she jumps out the window. He tries to help her out what was mistakenly accused of being the bad guy by some people. Those people who helped her out ignored him and left the scene before the police could arrive.

From this view, she reminds me of Saki from that Mahjong anime.
Days later, a girl by the name of Ayaka came to see him but he can't remember who she is due to a habit that isolates himself from other people. Ayaka is the only member of the gardening club and would want him to help her out, in exchange she would also help him out with his club activities since he's also the sole member of the computer club.

LOL! Only faggots would sit like that!
After club activities have finished, Ayaka invited him to visit her workplace where they serve both ramen and icecream, but on their way out of school, he recognizes the girl he saw at the hotel district. As they arrive at the place, he also meets the same people he met at the hotel district earlier. He tries to escape but Ayaka stopped him and introduces him to them anyway and they chat and acted like buddies to him until they received a call from Alice.

Kamisama no Memochou at his computer.
They made him deliver ramen to a girl named Alice and as he arrived, he was charmed by her beauty. This girl ordered him around like a puppet and introduces herself as a NEET detective, not a normal detective but a NEET detective. NEET stands for "Not in Education, Employment or Training".

Time to devour!
This girl loves to drink Dr. Pepper known as Dokupe in the anime and have a fridge full of them. She explains to him what being a NEET detective is all about compared to a regular detective. A regular detective have to find clues and visit the crime scene to make a deduction while a NEET detective solves the mystery without being bothered to go outside, she solves cases from inside her room using computers collect data and information. So basically she's a shut in.

Is that Kyuubei's relative right beside her? Alice is a Puella Magi!!!
Finally, she found an audio recording of the incident that occurred in the hotel district and orders Narumi to call the others as they'll have a meeting. Did she find any clue? Stay tuned for more!

The pilot episode is an hour long so I'll be dividing this episode into two parts to avoid having an extra long post, especially since I usually include character introductions on the first episode. "Side A" for the first half hour and "Side B" for the remaining half.

Character Introduction:

Highest in command and the brains of the NEET Detective Agency. She's the once who actually solves the puzzle and connects the clues together, the rest are just there to gather additional information or physical evidence for her. As an expert hacker, she gathers digital info through the net with ease.

Narumi Fujishima
A high school student who is detached from other people. His father's work prevents him from having a permanent home and so he transfers school from time to time. Because of this, he no longer bother knowing the names of his classmates since he'll just forget about them when he transfers again. He meets Alice because of Ayaka and finds a new reason to change perspective in life.

Ayaka Shinozaki
Narumi's classmate, at first he didn't remember her but after interacting with him daily, she became a part of his daily routine. The only member of the gardening club. Works at Min's Ramen shop and the reason why Narumi met Alice.

A survival game otaku and a member of Alice's NEET Detective Agency. An expert in sneaking around and attaching spying devices like a spycamera or a microphone on target areas. Addresses Alice as his Commander.

A drop-out from Narumi's highschool and treats him as a junior since they're from the same school anyway. A member of Alice's NEET Detective Agency which gathers info from the police.

A playboy and a ladies man. He enjoys flirting with girls a lot. A member of Alice's NEET Detective Agency and is an expert in gathering info through the use of his wide selection of girls.

Ms. Min
The owner of Hanamaru Ramen Shop. She studied confectionery back in college and wanted to open up an icecream shop but due to some circumstances she inherited her father's ramen shop instead. Hanamaru Ramen Shop serves both ramen and icecream because of this. She takes care of Alice and the gang and is respected by everyone.

Next Episode:
Two or Three Things I Know About Her
(Side B)

No! Not the chopsticks... NOT THE CHOPSTICKS!!!


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