Monday, July 25, 2011

Sacred Seven: Crazy Night (Ep.3)

Ruri's party was attacked by an unknown enemy while escorting an important guest into their manor. Aruma feels the presence of a Dark Stone and goes to the location knowing he have no control of his powers without Ruri's support. ­­

Dr. Kenmi
The guest transforms with the use of a gemstone and fought off the intruder. Aruma arrives at the scene but lost control of his powers, all he could do is suppress himself from going mad and reject transformation. A chopper arrives and starts firing missile at the enemy, but he just used the explosion to cover his escape.

Knight Kijima
Inside Aiba manor, the guest introduces himself as Dr. Kenmi, a scientist who've been studying the Sacred Seven. He asks the assistance of our little princess in capturing two fugitives that escaped his facility. First is Knight Kijima, the one who attacked them and the one who caused the previous Dark Stone incidents. Second is Fei Zhui Lau who supposedly escaped with the former. Ruri agrees to help them out before the enemy could cause more damage.

Fei Zhui Lau
Knight attacks the research facility to steal a case of serum that would prevent him from permanently turning into a Dark Stone but everything was an elaborate trap to lure him in. Once inside he was set ablaze into melting temperature. He escapes to the water to cool off but was shocked by high voltage electricity.

Some useless guy who can't beat shit.
As usual, Kagami tries his best to fend off the enemy's minions but in the end, he's just useless.

Wait! He can summon dragons at will? FUCK!!
Knight enters Kenmi's room but Aruma was there to stop him. The two battled it out but Aruma was acting useless and all he could do is cling to the enemy's leg to stop him. Talk about pathetic. Another Sacred Seven was helping him out too and yet he failed.

Sacred Seven user with boobs.
Honestly speaking, this show is going downhill for me. I loved the first episode, then didn't like the second, now I hate the third episode. Aruma just didn't show the awesome moves he did during the pilot episode. I hope this show gets better soon or I may have to drop it...

Next Episode:
School Festival of Hell

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