Monday, July 25, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Sunny With a Chance of Beans (Ep.15)

After seeing that all the part-timers quit their jobs in unison, Ohana volunteers to help out with the inn. She was later turned down despite their desperate need for help because she is still one of their guests, therefor she needs to enjoy her stay. Can the inn really work without any workers? ­­

Back to the field trip, Ohana and the gang goes to a shop to buy gifts and souvenirs to bring back home and meets the part-timers inside. Ohana went out of control and shouts at them while Minko pulls her away to stop her outburst. Afterwards, she became really worried for the inn and would like to try asking them again.

Ohana calls out a taxi and took a ride back to the inn, she then explains to the manager that she can't relax while knowing that the inn is in big trouble and her instincts tell her to help out. The manager agrees after seeing her determination and told her that he was trained by Sui of Kissui Inn back when he was just a student and would gladly accept another student of hers.

Ohana starts working immediately but even with the assistance of a machine that carries the dishes to its destination, she's still one person and the dishes starts piling up. She carries a bunch of trays at once but it was just too much for her to carry by herself and loses balance. Minko and Nako arrives just in time to help her out after asking permission from the manager themselves. The three then worked in unison.

Just when everything is starting to look good, another problem arises. The machine that carries the trays from one floor to another breaks down and stops working. They called in a mechanic to fix the issue but it will take some time before he arrives and they need to finish setting up the food before then. Ohana thinks of a plan to change the situation and she suggests to make guests take a bath first to give them more time in preparing the dishes.

Yosuke immediately cleans the bathhouse before the students arrive so they can bath just as planned and give the waitresses more time. Yuina cheerfully enters the bath to have a little chat with Yosuke, but he told her to just forget about his proposal instead as he doesn't want to marry her anymore and prefers girls who likes to work hard like Ohana. His words broke her pride, then she proves to him that she CAN work, she just chose not to. After a while, the two finishes the job just in time.

It was a lot of trouble but in the end it was a perfect mission. The inn rewarded the girls by giving them some private time to use the outdoor bath just for themselves and we get a foggy view of their naked figures.

The field trip has ended by the time morning comes and everyone goes back home. The fours girls experienced the trip a little differently but they sure learned a lot from the experience. Yuina found herself a reason to work and do better. She then decides that she'll be Fukuya's future manager.

Next Episode:
This Sky, That Sky

"Let's fest it up for next time, shall we?"


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