Friday, July 22, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum: Risky Survival Strategy (Ep.2)

After Himari's death, an apparition that resides inside the Penguin Hat bought her back to life, but she asks them to bring her the Penguindrum in exchange. Failing to do so will revoke the extended life of their beloved sister. ­­

She instructs them with the exact time and location where they might be able to find the Penguindrum. They are to search for someone with the name of Ringo Oginome who probably have the said item. Survival strategy ends here.

With no choice but to obey, the two went to the said location as instructed by their Queen. They waited in the train until they can find someone suspicious, but as more and more people rode the train, the place became packed with too much people that finding someone would serve difficult.

Although the penguins can't be seen by others, it seems like they can still feel them. One of the penguins accidentally touches a girl's behind and she blames Shoma instead. Before she could make a commotion, Kamba saves him by telling her that it was his fault. The girl forgives him immediately then calls out to her friend Ringo as they got off the train.

After finding their target, the two followed them to their school. They equipped both penguins with a radio and a camera so the two could spy around the school without getting seen. It worked but they couldn't find the Penguindrum they are looking for.

After school, they still stalked the girl around but even the penguins have no idea what this penguindrum really is. She entered a lingerie shop then headed straight into the emergency exit. The two followed and found her dangerously clinging to a wall in search of something.

She took a picture of something then immediately left the scene.

Later, we find out that she took a picture of a rare bird's nest and showed it to some guy named, Tabuki, who is also Shoma and Kamba's teacher. After chatting for a bit, Tabuki and Ringo separated ways and headed back home. But Ringo secret followed him instead and is later revealed to be stalking Tabuki, just like the way that Shoma and Kamba is stalking her.

Next Station:
Then Devour Me Currageously
(A pun about curry. I like how gg translated it with the pun still intact.)

"Where were you two?!"


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