Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum: The Bell of Fate Tolls (Ep.1)

Shoma and Kamba's little sister have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and would only live for a few months at best. Because of this, the two brothers try to do their best to make her remaining days as meaningful and as happy as possible. ­­

"Doctors aren't gods you know?"
The three siblings are born from a very poor family. After their parents are gone, the two elder brothers did their best to raise Himari despite the hardships. But then, Himari got an illness that modern medical science cannot cure. No matter where you look at it, they are being toyed with by fate.

"Today is Himari Day!"
Shoma told Himari that she can do anything today and so she decided that she wants to see the penguins. The three then went to the zoo to make her wish come true. On their way back, they went to a souvenir shop to buy Himari some gift to commemorate this day and she went with a penguin hat.

"I'm the Queen for today."
While waiting at the counter for the item to be gift wrapped, they hear someone from the outside asking to call an ambulance and when the two came to check it out, they saw Himari unconscious in the floor.

The doctors did their best but it didn't take long until she said goodbye.

With the death of their beloved sister, the two went into the depths of despair. Kamba blamed fate for this tragedy which pissed Shoma off, saying that this is just punishment for the two of them. The two were then surprised at what happens next...

"If you want this girl to survive..."
The entity inside the hat have revived their little sister, and the three were reunited. She began to speak about the terms and condition of the pact but stopped when the hat went off. The doctor is amazed with her miraculous recovery and says that she's stable.

Pingroup Inc?
The next day, they received a package from an unknown sender. At first, they didn't know what's inside because it was frozen stiff but after it melted later, they are revealed to be penguins. Not ordinary penguins that you see in the zoo, they are magical penguins that only the three of them can see. The penguins seem to understand what their saying and are helping out with the house chores.

"Listen, you lowlifes who will never amount to anything."
Later that day, the penguin hat possesses Himari once again. She orders the two brothers to acquire the Penguindrum if they want their little sister to live.

Character Introduction:

Himari Takakura
Himari is Shoma and Kamba's little sister, making her the youngest of the three siblings. She is diagnosed with a terminal illness with little time left and no chance of survival. Her life was extended through the help of an unknown entity who possesses the penguin hat in exchange for the Penguindrum.

Shoma Takakura
Shoma is second from the eldest among the three siblings and the comic relief among the two brothers. He's usually the one in-charged of the cooking since he's good at it.

Kamba Takakura
Kamba is the eldest among the siblings. He's a reliable older brother that is always calm and thinks before he acts. By the end of episode one, it is revealed that he is in love with his sister, Himari.

Ringo Oginome
A girl that Shoma and his friend met at the street. During episode two, she is suspected of having the Penguindrum that the entity of the hat desires.

Penguin Hat?
Identity unknown. She saved Himari from death by possessing her through the use of the penguin hat. She then gave both Shoma and Kamba a task to search for the Penguindrum in exchange for their sister's life.

Next Station:
Risky Survival Strategy

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