Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kamisama Dolls: A God Arrives (Ep.1)

The memories in your heart... A dark whirlpool of hatred and obsession... I'll devour... ALL OF IT!!! ­­

Kyouhei came to a college party for some food, drinks and karaoke until he passes out from too much alcohol. He wakes up on the lap of Hibino, who is a very close friend and also his love interest. On their way to the elevator, they where shocked to see a bloody scene inside and called the cops right away.

A dead ninja inside the elevator?!
After walking Hibino to the station, he goes home with unease, thinking that the murder was somewhat related to him. Riding the elevator up to his room, he was then greeted by a god.

And that god brought along a loli too.

He is visited by his younger sister, Utao, and her godly doll named Kukuri. The two came to chase after a fugitive who recently escaped from the village prison and is currently after her older brother, Kyouhei. After drinking a cup of hot chocolate, the person they are talking about, Aki, finally appears.

The Neuroi disrupts the peaceful lives of the civilians!
The white god battles the dark god but due to the fact that Utao is inexperienced in battle, they were defeated and thrown outside the building. Kyouhei goes mad after watching his little sister got thrown from a very high floor but felt happy afterwards when Utao emerges from below to save him. She then shoots a laser beam that destroyed the entire room.

Yoshika with her strike unit were then deployed to destroy it!
The enemy was defeated and apprehended by agents from the village but due to the damage done to Kyouhei's room, they are to momentarily stay at Hibino's house by orders from the village.

After some scene at the house and Kukuri's introduction to the Shiba family, the truck that supposedly Aki was on when he was tied up and apprehended is seen destroyed. How could normal people even think of capturing a person who have control over a god?!

Character Introduction:

Kyouhei Kuga
He is Utao's elder brother and came from the same village as Hibino. He used to be the Seki that controls Kukuri but a quits due to a bloody tragedy from his past. He came to the city to escape his past seems to follow him wherever he goes. He is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto who also did the voice for Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index) and Luke Ainsworth (The Sacred Blacksmith).

Hibino Shiba
Hibino came from the same village as Kyouhei and is also his love interest. She also goes to the same school as him and somehow got involved into this incident without knowing the truth behind it. She is voiced by Ai Kayano who also did the voice for Ayaka Shinozaki (Kamisama no Memo-chou).

The huge doll with god-like powers. If a Seki shares their heart with them, they would be able to control these gods at will. Silent when doing nothing but starts to sing when in motion. Reminds me of Peace Walker's vocaloid system, a singing weapon of mass destruction.

Utao Kuga
Kyouhei's younger sister, a shrine maiden and a Seki that controls the god, Kukuri. She came to the city along with Kukuri to catch a fugitive that is after her brother. She is voiced by Misato Fukuen who also did the voice for Yoshika Miyafuji (Strike Witches) and Golden Darkness (To Love-Ru)

Aki Kuga
A Seki who caused a bloody tragedy from the past that resulted in the death of many villagers. He was imprisoned for many years but escaped after he learned that Kyouhei left for the city without telling him. He's now in the city with only Utao and Kukuri to stop him. He is voiced by Ryohei Kimura who also did the voice for Hideki Hinata (Angel Beats!).

Next Episode:
God's Special Training

I'll break your neck if you don't return!!


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