Monday, July 18, 2011

The Idolmaster: The Girls start "Preparing" (Ep.2)

None of the girls got accepted from the last audition and bad promotional materials are all to blame. The only way to fix this problem is to renew these materials and give each girl a fresh new image. ­­

What the heck are these photos?!
Are they even serious with promoting the girls using those images? The others aren't half bad but monkey Ami and Mami, falling Haruka and terrified Yukiho are the worst in the lot.

Ritsuko just recently blew off some cash on buying new costumes for the girls so the company is currently running low on money and could not afford to do a professional photo shoot. Producer and Kotori still managed to convince her to agree with them though, so I'm guessing that she'll be using her own money?

Azusa goes first, entrancing everyone's eyes with her sexy figure.
After seeing Azusa's entrance, Iori decided that she should improve upon where she lacks the most, her sex appeal. So she tagged along with Ami, Mami and Yayoi so they could prepare themselves and dazzle everyone with their brand new image.

Tumors! Tumors everywhere!!!
Iori's little gang made their debut and surprised everyone with their new pig disgusting image! Nobody liked it of course, the tumors even gave me the chills. Producer tries to explain to the girls on what their supposed to do but ran out of words before he could finish. He sits with them at the side while watching the other girls until they can come up with an idea.

After the tumors have been extracted.
Miki arrives and comments that Iori's clothing doesn't fit her. She then goes on with the shoot like it was nothing. After watching the others, the four managed to find the right image for them. Ami and Mami knew each other so much that they know each others strong points, Iori looks perfect with her stuffed bunny and Yayoi looks good in her plain clothes. The photo shoot is a success!

Miki takes the shoot with absolute ease!
After the shoot, everyone returns to the office to celebrate and look at the photos. Hopefully, these new photos will give them a better image so we can see more singing and dancing in the future.

These photos are better, don't you think?
Next Episode:
Everything starts with One Brave Step

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