Friday, July 15, 2011

The Idolmaster: This is where the girls start (Ep.1)

Experience life through the eyes of a cameraman as he documents a film about twelve young maidens that works as idols for the 765 Production. Watch these young idols as they work their best to reach the stage of their dreams! ­­

The first episode is really just an introduction to all the female cast with a little twist at the end. You perceive the show from the eyes of a cameraman as he interviews each girl and know more about them. What's unique about this episode is that you can't really hear the cameraman talk, his dialogues are expressed through subtitles just like the game itself. After getting to know everyone, it is revealed at the end that he's actually the new producer working for the company and promises to do his very best for everybody.

Character Introduction:

Haruka Amami
Haruka is a sweet young girl and a bit of a klutz. She tends to listen to music when she commutes as she lives far away from the production office and needs about two hours to reach her destination. She might fall down a lot or bump her head into things but she's really dedicated and dreams of being an idol since she was young.

Makoto Kikuchi
Although Makoto looks boyish on the outside, she's actually quite girly on the inside. She likes reading romance magazines and is afraid of insects creeping around. She famous for having a lot of female fans because of her boyish charm but she wants to change that image that she grew up with.

Ritsuko Akizuki
Ritsuko is a former idol who now works as a rookie producer for the 765 Productions. Although she no longer works at the stage, I really hope that she'd perform on an episode or two as it's really a big shame to lose an intelligent-looking idol such as her.

Ami Futami
Mami's twin sister. She's really identical to her twin sister that there's really no way to tell them apart aside from their hairstyle. Ami have shorter hair when compared to Mami and ties her hair to the right.

Mami Futami
Ami's twin sister. She's the one with the longer hair and ties it on the left side of her head. She grew her hair longer so she could be recognized from her sister, but aside from that, the two are really identical.

Hibiki Ganaha
Hibiki is a girl who have an unmatched love for animals. She keeps a hamster, a snake, a chipmunk, a parrot, a rabbit, a dog, a cat, a crocodile, a pig and a flying squirrel back at home. She even brought along the hamster to the office and made a bit a commotion when it escaped.

Yukiho Hagiwara
Yukiho is the most shy girl in the bunch. Everything is normal when she's with the other girls but immediately panics and keeps her distance at the presence of a male, including the producer. She wants to become an idol to overcome her fear of men and change her timid personality.

Yayoi Takatsuki
Yoyoi is a reliable and very hardworking girl. She became an idol to earn some cash and to be able to support her family from poverty. She even do chores at the office like cleaning up and throwing out the garbage aside from working as an idol.

Iori Minase
Iori is from a very wealthy family and became an idol for 765 Production due to her family's strong influence to the company. She might act spoiled or talk a bit harsh at times but it all adds to her princess-like charm. She is voiced by one of my favorite voice actress, Rie Kugimiya, who also did the voice for Astarotte Ygvar (Astarotte's Toy) and Aria Holmes Kanzaki (Aria the Scarlet Ammo).

Chihaya Kisaragi
Chihaya is the most dedicated person of all when it comes to singing as she considers it her everything. She actually sings in the first episode and her voice is so beautiful that I felt disappointed when they cut the song out.

Azusa Miura
Azusa is the eldest of the girls in 765 Productions. She became an idol in hopes to find the one person for her. She also acts innocent and absent minded at times that makes her cute despite her maturity.

Takane Shijou
You want to know more about Takane, huh? Well, I regret to tell you but everything about her is top secret. As such, I cannot tell you.

Miki Hoshii
Miki is a very lazy person and prefers sleeping but she's gifted with beauty, talent and intelligence that she can do pretty much anything without putting much effort into it. She became an idol because she thinks that she can do it with ease.

Mr. Producer
The acting cameraman finally reveals himself as the new producer for 765 Productions. Nothing much is known about him for now but he will be the key that would push these girls to stardom.

It's a pretty long entry but I hope you liked it. That's it for now, until next time!

Next Episode:
The Girls start "Preparing"


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