Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sacred Seven: A Bond with Ruri's Color (Ep.2)

Aruma learns the secret to his powers and the cause for the outbreak of monsters. Seventeen years have passed since a meteor shower occurred and fell from the skies. Seven crystals with special powers were discovered within those meteors. They were named the "Sacred Seven" and are capable of altering human DNA and cause genetic mutations. ­­

The Sacred Seven (AKA: Power Stones)
Meanwhile at the coast of japan, a suspicious red typhoon is forming and it swallowed a ship with absolute ease. This monster seems to be a lot more bigger than the last one and probably takes more than one shot to go down. Probably a new weapon too, like a cannon or something since bullets could hardly take down anything with this size.

After learning the truth, Aruma returns to the river to check up the rocks there and sees a flashback. Apparently, the incident that made him to go berserk 3 years prior to the beginning of the show was caused by a bunch of bullies who took his mother's memento and threw it into the river. The gemstone was probably keeping his powers in check so he could control it, and he loses control the moment it's gone.

The bullies were lucky to even survive this incident!
Wakana reminded him of the first time they met. She just moved into town that day and saw Aruma searching for something beneath the broken bridge (that he broke by the way). She mistakenly assumed that he's collecting rocks when he's actually searching for the gemstone that he lost. She then gave him a pebble that he still keeps in his pocket at all times.

Wind blows hard, a sign that the red storm is coming. Kagami summons Aruma and shows him Ruri's secret without consenting her. Aruma was quite surprised at what he sees, it was a girl trapped inside a giant gemstone. She is Ruri's elder sister, Aoi, and her last remaining family. She's been trapped like that ever since a monster attack their home, just after taking this family picture. That tragedy alone was enough to give him a reason to fight.

They rode an airplane to reach the enemy's location and got attacked in the process. Both Aruma and Onigawara fell from the plane and Ruri jumped without any parachutes to chase after them. Onigawara got eaten while Ruri managed to reach Aruma in time to activate his powers. He then summons a hoverboard that soared through the skies.

Onigawara enters the digestive track of the gigantic monster and sees the enemy's weak point. He then summons a gigantic emoticon to tell Aruma of its exact location.

This is the most disappointing part of the show. Aruma fires a bullet to the enemy's weak point and dealt MASSIVE DAMAGE again!!! He killed a fortress with just a single attack?! Oh, c'mon! Even a giant crab won't die that easily! The enemy implodes from the inside and turns into stone.

After the battle, we see a flashback that explains the reason why Ruri have so much faith in Aruma. It seems like he saved her from an accident back when they were just children. This proves my theory that he used to have control over his powers and became berserked when he lost the gemstone that suppressed it.

Next Episode:
Crazy Night

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