Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sacred Seven: The Stone's Awakening (Ep.1)

Aruma Tandouji is a high school boy with a dark past and was feared by the whole school because of it. He lives his life as a lone wolf until the day he meets a girl who could change his life forever. ­­

"I'll be waiting for you, okay?"
Aruma caused an incident in the past that ended with 18 students heavily injured. Because of this, the school suspended him and is currently under probation. This also caused every other student to fear him and thus he became isolated from everyone, except for one girl in his class. Her name is Wakana and she believes that the incident was nothing but a rumor. She invited him to join her club after seeing him collect rocks at the river and thinks that he's a good person deep inside. He refused the offer but she insisted that they meet together later to check out a pretty gem at the museum.

"Alpha, standing by."
"Bravo, standing by."
One night, an army of maids blocked all access to roads that leads to Aruma's house and two maids are waiting in sniping position. He is then visited by a bigshot in the name of Ruri Aiba, CEO of the Aiba Foundation, along with her butler.

"Please, leave me alone!"
They came to ask for his assistance in handling abominations they call "Dark Stones" that are about to come but he refused their offer saying he have nothing to do with it. The butler said something harsh that caused Aruma to go berserk with his uncontrolled power but managed to stopped himself before the maids snipe him down with anti-tank rifles. He then asked the two to leave before something happens.

The monster have arrived and is causing quite a stir within the city. Ruri's butler, Kagami, pilots a knightmare frame to stop it but was easily defeated as the monster is immune to missiles. Initially, the monster came after the jewel at the museum but came after Ruri instead after sensing a much powerful stone in her possession.

The monster of the week, Medusa.
Aruma watches as the city burns and remembers that Wakana should be waiting for him at that area. This caused him to worry and he goes out in his scooter. Just as he arrived at Wakana's location, Medusa appears at the scene as well, causing injuries to the girl. Aruma went berserk after seeing his friend unconscious on the floor and transforms into a powerful entity capable of defeating the enemy.

Id destroying Lahan village during a berserk frenzy.
The enemy was no matched for this berserker, but having no control over this power, Aruma became nothing but a monster himself. Ruri came to stop him and brought him back to his senses, she then used her powers to awaken Aruma's real strength, the power of the Sacred Seven. Our hero then became Megaman!

The fighting robot, Megaman.
With his trusted megabuster, he attacked the enemy at the weak spot to deal MASSIVE DAMAGE! The enemy was then defeated without breaking a sweat and the day is saved thanks to the combined powers of Aruma and Ruri.

Character Introduction:

Aruma (Alma) Tandouji
A high school student with a dark past. Born with powers he have no control, he isolated himself from others to avoid harming them with his uncontrolled strength. He is voiced by Takuma Terashima who also did the voice for Teppei Arima (Princess Lover) and Toshimitsu Kubo (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu).

Wakana Itou
Aruma's classmate and a member of the rock collecting club. She sees Aruma in a different light compared to the rest of the school and doesn't know about his dark past. She invited him into the rock collecting club and wants to be his friend but got involved in an incident instead. She is voiced by Kanae Itou who also did the voice for Ohana Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha) and Saten Ruiko (A Certain Scientific Railgun).

Ruri Aiba
Ruri is a girl from a very wealthy family and the CEO of the Aiba Foundation. She meets with Aruma and asks for his cooperation in defeating the demons that threaten their everyday lives. She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima who also did the voice for Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier). This is very good news as I'm a big fan of Megumi ever since Macross Frontier. It would be nice if she did more voice acting in the future.

Makoto Kagami
Ruri's butler and right-hand man. He commands an army of maids and pilots a knightmare frame to ensure the safety of his lady, Ruri Aiba. Although he is young, he is very intelligent and is very capable at commanding his maid army.

A monster much like the enemy but helps out the good guys instead. He's capable of detecting enemies within his range so Ruri and Kagami could pin-point its exact location. He's also capable of materializing emoticons and seems to always end his sentence with "oni".

That's it for now, stay tuned for more.

Next Episode:
A Bond with Ruri's Color

See you next mission!


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