Monday, July 11, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: This is My Way of Life (Ep.14)

Kourin High School went on a field trip to the beach and will be staying at an inn for the duration of the event. Ohana uses this opportunity to learn and study how another inn operates so she could improve on her job a little better. ­­

Yuina Wakura in a yellow swimsuit
The class arrives at the beach and we see the girls get wet in their swimsuits, except for Minko. She just isolates herself from everyone and wouldn't cooperate with the event. She's wearing a swimsuit but she's hiding it beneath a pair of short pants and a jacket. Yuina arrives to solve the situation and orders Ohana to hold Minko's arms while she undresses her. The two then carries and throws her into the water and the scene ends with a big splash.

Minko Tsurugi in a blue swimsuit.
After some time at the beach, the class rides the bus to the inn in order to rest. Yuina was happily singing karaoke inside the bus while Ohana makes a list of things to examine. Minko overhears from the boys at the back that someone will be confessing his feelings to her soon but its nothing but trouble for our cold princess.

The class arrives at the inn and Ohana feels a bit uncomfortable being served by the inn's employees as she's accustomed to be the one serving others instead. Yuina notices the inn's head clerk while he's shouting at his employees and calls out to him. His name is Yosuke Hiwatari, and he is the heir to the inn they are currently staying. Yuina also mentions that he is her fiance, a big shocker to the others, especially the boys in their class.

Yuina festing it up with Ohana to reach a much deeper friendship.
Ohana sees a huge difference between this inn and Kissui. She was quite surprised that the employees managed to prepare food for the whole class without breaking a sweat when they'd be normally really busy if it were to happen back home. On their way to the bath, Ohana sees a huge contraption and Yosuke explains that they use a machine to easily carry multiple trays of food from one place to another. After the explanation, he asks Yuina to chat in private and she goes with him.

With Yuina gone, Ohana and Minko goes to the bath together. On their way, Ohana got distracted when she saw an apparition swimming at the beach. She runs to the beach to check it out only to get scared later when the apparition actually came to her. What she though was a water imp was actually just Nako having a moonlight swim. The two were quite surprised to see each other but were more surprised to find Yosuke as he confesses his love for Yuina at a nearby location.

After a couple of detours, Ohana finally arrives at the bath!
I can see that the mythical censor bubbles are active in this place.
The next morning, Ohana and the gang sees a bit of commotion at the front desk. The part-timers who were working for the inn had all decided to quit because Yosuke have been treating them badly from the start. Yuina joins the conversation and takes the side of the part-timers, and on that spot rejected Yosuke's proposal from last night.

That's the end of this episode! Yuina might have been cruel to reject Yosuke while he's in trouble, but I believe he got his just desserts. There are many ways to tell his employees of their mistakes and how to do it right but he just shouts at them like mad. He's not even paying them royalties and yet treated them like dirt, any part timer would quit like that.

Also, the first half of the series have ended and new songs are introduced. They are:
  • "Omokage Warp" by nano.RIPE (Opening Song)
  • "Hanasaku Iroha" by Clammbon (Ending Song)

Next Episode:
Sunny with a Chance of Beans

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Bersercules said...

I hate mythical censor bubbles! The problem with them is no matter how hard you disbelieve in them then never go away!

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