Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: Until We Meet Again (Ep.12)

The conference between Heaven and the Underworld concluded with the decision to annihilate mankind, to harvest their souls and empower both worlds. Harumi and the Demon Patrol submitted a petition against the annihilation and the Great King Enma decided to host a tournament to decide humanity's future.

To prepare for this event, Grandma and Grandpa Chapeau stole a box of mandarin oranges from Great King Enma's secret stash while he was asleep. They each received one in hopes of being able to turn the tides of battle.

Princess Hagoromo VS Enma-kun
Princess Yukiko VS Kekko Honey
Kappaeru VS Lady Susano'o
Enbi-chan VS Mark Angel
Harumi VS Bimbogami
The battle starts and although it may look like a close match at the beginning, the gap between the power level of the two teams soon became evident and Enma's team was outmatched by Heaven's. While Enma, Kappaeru, Enbi and Harumi are shown to be mercilessly defeated by their opponents, Yukiko hugs the spotlight with the enemy undressing her during combat.

The mandarin oranges unpeeled itself to reveal an orb of power and began to glow. Each of Enma's team member then received powers capable of reversing the tide of battle. The Demon Patrol was able to defeat their opponents with ease but before they could deliver the final blow, Heaven's team unleashed their second form and completely destroyed them. Princess Yukiko was then undressed for a second time.

With Enbi, Kappaeru, Harumi and Yukiko defeated in battle, Enma is left to fight all the enemies alone. Outnumbered, all he could do was resist defeat for he could no longer fight back after he lost his flame staff. The other team ganged up on him and he was beaten to a bloody pulp, that's when he got enraged and the flame crown started to break. Enma then awakens with a burning fury, capable of turning everything into ashes.

With his unsurpassed powers now unsealed, he was able to destroy the opposing team with absolute ease. But being unable to control such powers, he continued to burn everything with no one to oppose him. Earth together with Heaven and the Underworld were all under Enma's wrath, and everything started to burn.

Yukiko stopped the raging beast with a kiss. The flames have stopped and Enma have returned to his former self. Everything was saved thanks to the powe... Wait a minute! Enma wakes up and kisses Yukiko even further, triggering the wrath of his other power. Apparently, Enma had the power to make the world fun and sexy, so now, all the three worlds are experiencing an erotic annihilation with everyone making out with another. It didn't stopped there, Enma's power of love grew even stronger that it was just too much for everyone to take.

Just before everything bursts into one galactic climax, Enma's flame crown reattaches itself into his head and seals his power. Everything stopped and returned to normal. Heaven and the Underworld's power supply was charged to full, thanks to Enma's outburst and cancels their plan of human annihilation.

With all the problems solved, everything went back to normal and with that, our heroes bid Harumi and the rest of the humans a big farewell in hopes to someday meet once again.


"Watch out for Dororon Enbi-chan the TV series, okay?"


Anonymous said...

We Want Dororon Enbi-chan now, hope it's October 2011, nah, January 2012, next year.

Bersercules said...

That girl in the last picture's costume is so cool! I love it!

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