Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Vlad (Ep.12)

Just after obtaining the rosary she once lost, Riko challenges Aria and Kinji into another duel, but before the match could even begin, Riko was attacked from behind and collapses to the ground. The final boss finally enters the stage! 

Mr. Sayonaki shows up and takes back the rosary. He then tortures Riko in front of Kinji and Aria so he can summon Vlad, for he shall only appear at the peak of one's despair. Mr. Sayonaki is but a personality created by Vlad to co-exist with humans, so in his wake the other slumbers. Lightning strikes the skies as his body transforms into that of a gigantic beast.

After countless decades of devouring blood and absorbing DNA, Count Dracula have evolved into a superior being and have overcome his weakness to sunlight and garlic. He have become an unstoppable force that could recover from any form of injury. But there's still hope, if you remember Jeanne D'Arc's advice, they should be able to take him down if they were to hit all 5 weak spots simultanously.

Dyaus Pita, the Emperor of Aragami.
Kinji saves Riko from the monster and brings her to a safe place while Aria acts as decoy, attacking the beast head on. Riko suggest that they should escape now as nobody could beat such a monstrosity. Kinji refuses her offer, confident that he could take down the beast. Riko gives them the location of the last weak spot then Kinji re-enters the battlefield.

Dyaus Pita have been enraged.
Aria and Kinji fired at the said weak spots but Vlad just recovered afterwards. It seems like Riko got false infoirmation about the final weak spot and was shocked when it didn't work. Vlad roared like he's the goddamned emperor of beasts and the shockwaves not only pushed them back, but also disables Kinji's Hysteria-Mode.

With Hysteria-Mode gone, Kinji's reflexes have dulled and was unable to avoid Vlad's next attack. He was then thrown outside the edge of the building and started falling down. Luckily, Riko has recovered enough to run and save him, she transformed her school uniform into a parachute and the two flies into safety.

Once again, Riko suggests that they escape but Kinji convinced her to fight instead. He explains that while he was in Hysteria-Mode, he noticed something that could lead to his final weak spot. The two returns to the battlefield to get Aria and reactivate Hysteria-Mode once again.

Reunited with Aria, Riko started licking her neck, causing her to moan in ecstasy. This triggered Kinji's ability once again and the three decide their course of action.

The three jumped to the scene of battle to finish it once and for all. Riko landed gracefully while Kinji and Aria shamefully rolled at the ground. Kinji's face touches Aria non-existent breasts and triggered Hysteria-Mode even more!

The three checks their remaining ammunition and figured that they only have enough bullet to hit each weak spot once. They then gambled everything into this final strategy to take down the enemy.

Firing Aragami bullets!
Kinji made the bullet ricochet with each other so the last bullet would hit the final weak spot without the enemy noticing, because if he aim at the exact weak spot, Vlad might cover it up with his arm or something. With the last bullet at the final weak point, his cells became unbound and was defeated. The team then received Emperor Skull, Emperor Claw and $3,500 as rewards.

After the three became victorious, Riko gained her freedom and agreed to help Aria with her mother's case. The three then parted on the midnight sky and lived happily ever after... or until next season at least.


Wait a minute! What about Kana?


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