Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Infiltration (Ep.11)

Aria and Kinji have started working at a maid cafe to learn the basics of servitude and improve upon their act. Riko comes to check up on them and Aria came to elegantly serve her some tea. The two have proven themselves capable of pulling this act so the real thing is about to start. ­­

Aria the Combat Maid
After work, both Aria and Kinji had a little talk about working for Vlad. It seems like they submitted a document to Butei High School to allow them to work at the place and will still be credited even without going to school. I guess it means that this is an official mission.

The two waited at a nearby railway station for Riko to arrive only to be surprised at what they are about to see. Riko arrives with a new look. At first, Aria didn't recognized her but Kinji recognized her as "Kana" and that seems to evade the question about the identity of this girl. Just who is this Kana person?

Riko Mine disguised as "Kana"
Riko disguised herself as a person from the agency, she introduced both Aria and Kinji to the mansion's keeper as the substitute that they requested while their servants are on a vacation. The housekeeper was none other than Mr. Sayonaki of Butei High School, so Aria and Kinji got accepted without any problems.

You attack Vlad's weak point for massive damage!
The two worked diligently while secretly checking out the place for security cameras and verifying the location of the Riko's rosary. The two also play billiards on their free time so J.C. Staff can insert some obligatory fanservice into the episode.

After almost two weeks of preparation, the Aria, Kinji and Riko finally devised a plan. Aria would act as a distraction to Sayonaki and bring him out to the rose garden to have a little chat while Kinji enters the basement and steal the item while evading security. After their phone conference with Riko, Aria and Kinji had a little chat together. She asked some questions about "Kana" but Kinji strongly dismisses it and won't answer anything, she then started speculating that "Kana" may be his ex-girlfriend or something...

The next day, plans comes into motion and Aria have convinced Sayonaki to accompany her to the garden. Kinji enters the hole that they've been secretly digging during their free time and reaches the basement with ease. But the security lasers gave him a bit of trouble and slowed down his progress. Aria can only distract Sayonaki for a bit amount of time so Kinji should make haste at stealing the target.

Kinji the Thief Butler
Riko played a trick on Kinji using Aria's voice and began to talk erotically with him. This triggered his Hysteria-Mode to activate and the mission was suddenly completed in an instant.

Some time have passed and their two weeks of servant work has come to an end. The three then met at a rooftop to deliver the goods to their client, Riko. She then came to Kinji to give him his special reward.

Kinji's Hysteria-Mode turns ON and then Riko challenges the two into another duel. Apparently, she gave Kinji her first kiss to awaken his hidden talent and give Aria the edge of battle. Winning with this much handicap will indeed prove her worth to the EU.

Next Episode:
12th Ammo: Vlad
(Final Episode)

"Don't you dare miss it!"


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