Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Resident Evil 5: BSAA Emblem Locations (2)

You should have more than half of all the BSAA Emblems by now, but it's not over until we got them all. Here's the last batch of locations where you can find them: ­­

   Chapter 4-1: Caves

Emblem 1/3
After watching a little scene with Bui Kichwas emerging from the ground, kill them off then climb the ladder. Look to the right and you'll find this emblem below.

Emblem 2/3 (Primary View)
After entering the stone door, you'll arrive at an underground ancient ruins. You can find this emblem from the view at the beginning of this area. Use a Sniper Rifle and zoom in to take this emblem with ease.

Emblem 2/3 (Alternate View)
If you don't have a Sniper Rifle along, you can try shooting this emblem with a handgun at the area where giant flaming balls would appear. Just stand at the elevated platform in the middle so you can get a view of the emblem.

Emblem 3/3
After pulling the set of chains on the very first statue, the stairs should appear and you'll arrive at this area. Turn right and jump to what looks like wooden bridge and head up to the east side of the map. Facing west, you'll find the the emblem just before a tree.

   Chapter 4-2: Worship Area

Emblem 1/1
In the third laser area, head north and enter the room. A few Bui Kichwa should emerge from the ground so kill them. Face backward then aim at the top of the doorway and you'll see the emblem.

   Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden

Emblem 1/1
At the area where you started, head north by going to the right. When you reach the end, you'll see the emblem underneath the bridge.

   Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility

Emblem 1/1
After passing through the second conveyor belt, go down the stairs. You'll find this emblem inside a green trash container at the left of the stairs. Chris can shoot the emblem with a gun if you are standing at the right angle but with Sheva's height it is quite hard, so I suggest throwing a hand grenade instead.

   Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility

Emblem 1/3
At the first area, just before the ladder. There should be a pair of large exhaust fans, peek through the one on the right and you'll find the emblem behind it. Since the fans are moving, you should time your shot properly or else the bullet will hit the propeller instead.

Emblem 2/3
Before you activate the huge rotating elevator, look around for a platform with an emblem underneath. If you failed to do this and activated the elevator anyway, there is a chance that when you kill the Majini that will spawn there, he will fall on the emblem and crush it.

Emblem 3/3
Before pulling the lever to summon the elevator, hug the west wall and go behind the elevator. You'll find the emblem in the hole. If you already pulled the lever and the elevator is blocking your view then just push it back and the elevator should return.

   Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck

Emblem 1/3 (Primary View)
You'll need a Sniper Rifle for this one, I suggest an H&K PSG-1 with maximum scope upgrade. Climb up the north tower until you reach the highest point then aim your Sniper Rifle towards the south. Search for the tip of the southern tower and you'll see the emblem on top of it.

Emblem 1/3 (Alternate View)
If you didn't snipe down the Majini at the crane control tower then your partner will be trapped inside a cage. Enemies will then spawn afterwards so kill them. One of them will drop a card key, use it to open the locked gate then climb the crane control tower. At the top, you can get a much closer view of the emblem.

Emblem 2/3
At the area with the suspicious looking first-aid spray with a cage just above it, there is a container to the north just beside the elevator. The emblem is right inside but since it cannot be seen from any angle aside from the cutscene that triggers when you activate the elevator, I suggest throwing a grenade inside.

Emblem 3/3
After the cutscene with Excella, face right and check the glass cabinet. You'll find the emblem inside one of them.

   Chapter 6-2: Main Deck

There are no emblems in this chapter.

   Chapter 6-3: Bridge Deck

There are no emblems in this chapter.

Congratulation! You got all the emblems in the game and have unlocked everything in the Bonus Features menu aside from the infinite ammo ones. Now you need to collect a lot of points so you could purchase and use them. Good luck~


Anonymous said...

Hi,I have 22 emblems and i have played the game a few times, my qiestion is, How do you know what Emblems you do not have? it seems to me that if you get one and go back to a chapter they are there again , or maybe im wrong. so the real question is if you get the emblem are they gone if you restart the level?


Lord Phrozen said...

The emblem reappears when you replay the level but destroying them again won't increase the total count. You must destroy all emblems at least once to unlock the Bonus Features. Also, there's no specific indicator to which emblem you already got just the count that appears when you select the stage. So the best way to collect them is to get all the emblems in one go.

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