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Resident Evil 5: BSAA Emblem Locations (1)

There are BSAA emblems located throughout the game. Destroying these emblems would unlock certain items from the Bonus Features menu, so destroying them all should unlock most of them. This features includes alternate outfits and character figurines. Here's a list of their locations: ­­

   Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint

There are no emblems in this chapter.

   Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly

Emblem 1/3
After you encounter a Majini hiding behind a pile of boxes there should be a house neaby. Enter through the door at the ground floor as the one on the second floor is locked. Then climb the stairs from inside and head to the balcony, face right and you should see this emblem. If you saw a cutscene with a blonde girl being dragged into a house then you've come too far.

Emblem 2/3
In the room where you can see some of the BSAA Alpha Team members dead bodies and an open ceiling. Climb the wodden ladder then face backward and look up. You should find a water tank with an emblem on it. If you saw a cutscene with DeChant then you've come too far.

Emblem 3/3
After defeating the boss, Uroroboros, head through the locked door and use the key to open it. Go along the path until you find a case of handgun ammo. To the left of the case is a wire fence, peek through it to see the emblem.

   Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility

Emblem 1/5
At the beginning of the chapter, in the very first room, check the walls and you'll find this emblem.

Emblem 2/5
After crossing the bridge where a truck almost squashed you to death, go down the stairs at the left. Look underneath the bridge and you'll find this emblem. If you find yourself inside a tunnel with a bunch of mutated dogs then you've come too far.

Emblem 3/5
After running around the sewers, you'll find yourself in the food market area. Look for a green kioske and peek inside. You'll find this emblem at the ceiling. If you saw a scene with Kirk backing you up with a helicopter then you've come too far.

Emblem 4/5
After Kirk calls you with the radio and backs you up with the helicopter, climb the nearest building with a ladder, there should be a Majini that throws molotovs up there. Dispose of him and search the building just across, you'll find this emblem attached to the wall.

Emblem 5/5
Just before you do an assist jump for Sheva so she could cross to the other building, look back and face upwards. Normally as Chris, you can barely see this emblem on the roof if you are in the right position but if you play as Sheva then you can easily spot this emblem if you look back after doing the assist jump.

   Chapter 2-2: Train Station

Emblem 1/3
Just after the very first room you'll see a bunch of trains, climb the train and face right. You'll find this emblem stuck in one of the towers.

Emblem 2/3
Inside the mines, reach the area with a bridge then face right. There should be a waterfall and you'll see the emblem attached to the rocks.

Emblem 3/3
After the cutscene with Irving, fight off some Majinis until you reach the point where you have to climb a really long red ladder. Head left after climbing the ladder and you'll find this emblem on a faraway building.

   Chapter 2-3: Savanna

There are no emblems in this chapter.

   Chapter 3-1: Marshlands

Emblem 1/4 (Single-Player Mode)
You'll need a Sniper Rifle for this one, I suggest an H&K PSG-1 with maximum scope upgrade. At the very first area, face left and look for a pole. Equip your Sniper Rifle and zoom in your scope to maximum and you'll see the emblem on it.

Emblem 1/4 (Multi-Player Mode)
If you are playing co-op with another player, you can simply ride the boat until you reach the pole and let the other player shoot it with a handgun or switch spots and shoot it yourself.

Emblem 2/4
At the northwest area of the map, you'll find an area where you could dock your boat. Look inside the hut and aim upwards. You'll find this emblem at the ceiling.

Emblem 3/4 (Single-Player Mode)
At the center of the map, you'll find another area you can dock. Look just underneath the hut and you'll find the emblem there. If you are having trouble finding this emblem, you can try going to the sunken ship area and use a Sniper Rifle to zoom in behind this hut. You'll also have another view of the emblem there.

Emblem 3/4 (Multi-Player Mode)
If you are playing co-op with another player, you can simply ride the boat and go behind the hut. You'll have a much better view that way.

Emblem 4/4
After collecting all the pieces of the slate and opening the door, jump to the water then face backward. You'll find the emblem behind some wooden planks.

   Chapter 3-2: Execution Grounds

Emblem 1/2
In the area with Tricell tents, enter one of the tents and exit to the other side then look in between the two tents to see the emblem.

Emblem 2/2
After watching a cutscene with Irving on his ship. Look back and enter the door to the right, you'll find this emblem inside the room, attached to the wall.

   Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling Facilities

Emblem 1/1
When you reach the very first stop and Josh tells you to open the gate, look behind and you'll find the emblem just underneath the platform.


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