Friday, July 1, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Woman from Shijima ~ Heartbreak MIX (Ep.13)

Kissui inn receives a call from Ohana's gang and informs them that they'll be arriving soon with a very important guest, Satsuki Matsumae. Enishi panics while the others mentally prepares themselves for the upcoming storm. ­­

Satsuki arrives and the staff greets her just like another customer. She comments on how the inn is still exactly the same as before with the exception that the building looked older. Nako serves as her waitress so she got to hear most of her rantings and suggestions about the inn like how they should have a new design for kimonos or serve new treats with the tea and such.

A few minutes later, Nako comes out of Satsuki's room and both Enishi and Tomoe comes to check up on her. Nako reports that Satsuki is a very wonderful person and that she gave her a lot of advices on how to improve the inn. Enishi just can't believe this as he sees Satsuki as nothing but a demon from his past.

She made him do all her homework!
She even stole his allowance money!
Ohana is still troubled by her feelings towards Kouichi so Satsuki enters the scene to cheer her up and gave some advice, she's still Ohana's mother afterall. This caused Ohana to think deeply about the situation.

The Madam Manager had a private talk with Ohana and tells her that to properly serve a customer they must observe them on their first visit and take note of their preferences so they could serve them better on their next visit. She further adds that even though this is the first time that Satsuki came in as a guest, they should be able to serve her better as they've known her for a very long time.

With Madam Manager and Ohana's combined effort, they were able to satisfy Satsuki to the fullest and because of this, she demanded something absurd like a geisha. The inn could not comply with her demand so she settled with an old woman and a girl.

The Madam Manager and Ohana enters Satsuki's room as she requested and the three had a drink together. Even though Ohana is only drinking juice, she is the first to get drunk and started talking about Kouichi. Her mom and grandma gave her some advice and the three managed to bond together as a family.

Some time have passed and the old lady seemed to have fallen asleep, mumbling something about how she wanted Satsuki to take over the inn for her. Enishi appears to check up on them just to end up as Satsuki's slave once again, she ordered him to carry the Madam Manager back to her room and he did nothing but comply.

Morning came and it's about time for Satsuki to return to the city. She gave Ohana an envelop just before leaving and as she opens it, finds a letter inside. Apparently, Satsuki wrote a new, more positive and encouraging review for the inn and it was all written in that piece of paper. 

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This is My Way of Life

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