Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: That's Got Nothing to do with Me! (Ep.11)

It has been revealed from the past episode that Heaven have been using demons from the Underworld to cause chaos and destruction in the human realm, this caused the Great King Enma to declare war against Heaven. ­­

To prevent the war, both Heaven and the Underworld agreed to a conclusion that at least 40 billion people should die, to the point that humans would almost be wiped out. Heaven and the Underworld are both powered by human souls that departs to the afterlife, but both sides are currently running low on that energy hence Heaven devised a plan that could get them more souls by manipulating the demons of Hell to run amok the human realm and cause death to humanity.

Harumi is troubled by this decision as she is left all alone in protecting humanity as both Heaven and the Underworld would benefit from this. Enma's gang was quite happy with the conclusion and doesn't care much about the humans as they don't understand Harumi's feelings at all.

An angel appears from above to challenge the famed Enma. At first, neither side are winning as both are equal in magical strength but it didn't last long when the angel used some kind of confusion spell towards Enma and it was super effective!

The little angel felt victorious and leaves the scene while our confused little Enma dreams of Harumi in revealing outfits. Harumi tried different methods to awaken our hero but everything went to no avail until their lips accidentally collides on each other.

Princess Yukiko sees the event and misunderstands the situation. She thought badly of herself as she never considered Harumi's feelings for Enma. She runs away with tears in her eyes as she thought of Enma and Harumi's future together.

Some time have passed and Harumi is still troubled about global genocide as she can't protect her world alone, then comes Enbi. Her ideal world will be broken if they let Heaven and the Underworld to do as they pleased as she want the world to be fun and sexy, so genocide is not an option. After that, the gang appears one by one as they realize that genocide is just wrong and decided to just stop it from happening.

They passed a petition to the Great King Enma but just how much can this petition affect their decision anyway?

Next Episode:
12th Flame: Until we Meet Again
(Final Episode)


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