Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: An Asterisk Beyond the Sky (Ep.12)

Lotte and Naoya goes on a date together at the amusement park and even though they couldn't hear each others voices, they could still somehow understand each other. The two had the best night together knowing the they would need to part right after. ­­

Lotte confesses her feelings towards Naoya and tells him how much she loves him. She would prefer that he stay, she would rather have him with her forever, but the World Tree would probably erase his existence if he were to stay longer. While watching the princess shed tears of sadness in front of him, Naoya realizes that he too have fallen in love with the princess. But being unable to communicate with words is a little troubling, so our princess expresses her feelings through action.

Back at Lotte's castle, Asuha stares at the stars, wondering whether Lotte and her father, Naoya, are having a fun time together and sees a shooting star. That shooting star was none other than her mother flying through the skies to come and visit her beloved child.

Just like how Lotte and Naoya spent their last time together, Mercelida and Asuha spent their last together too. After chatting for quite a bit, she then asks her mother to never forget about them after they are gone.

Naoya and Asuha goes back home to the human realm and everything returned to how it was before. Some time have passed and Naoya is starting to get used to his new job and Asuha goes to her old school. The two were initially content with just living together but after experiencing life at the creature realm where they live like a big family together with Lotte's friends and family, their normal life became quite lonely. Naoya goes and visits the tree in hopes that the gate to the Creature Realm will open once again, but nothing happens.

One morning, Naoya answers the phone and was surprised to hear who is calling. It was Lotte, she's calling from the Creature Realm through the use of his mobile phone that Asuha gave as a parting gift. Ingrid modified it quite a bit to use magical energy instead of electricity and was able to connect with the Human Realm through the use of the World Tree's sapling that Naoya left in their realm back at episode 7.

It has been a long time since the two worlds have lost contact and everyone was so eager to talk with them. We are informed that Lotte's red mark on the back wasn't a sign of her maturation, Juidt made a mistake by not thoroughly checking it. The mark was nothing but an insect bit hence the princess didn't grow one bit. After a little chat, the batteries run out and the conversation cuts off.

We see another time skip, this time Ingrid have modified Naoya's mobile phone even further that it could open the gate to the other worlds. Lots of people have come to see the event, with Queen Mercelida feeling quite dissapointed that Lotte isn't around to see Naoya first, Oh well... more for her I guess.

The gate opens and we see a dragon come out of it. Apparently, Zelda sneaked into the Human Realm to fetch both Asuha and Naoya to bring them back to Lotte as soon as possible.

The two finally meats once again. Take note at that red mark on Lotte's back, that's the symbol that a succubus is about to mature. I guess Lotte will start growing up real fast starting from this point. Unfortunately it's the end of the show so we can't see her anymore. I hope there's a 14th episode when the BDs come out.

Don't forget about Asuha!


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