Monday, June 27, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: See Ya (Ep.12)

Ohana cries in front of Minko and Touru. She tells them that her mother is the one responsible for writing that article for the magazine and gave every neighboring inn around Kissui a low grade. ­­ The three then goes to a hotel to spend the night and rest but Touru wakes up in the middle of the night only to see that Ohana wasn't sleeping on her bed. He finds her on the couch and talks to her. At first, he thought that she was depressed because of her mother but later figured that it's about her boyfriend. She completely denies this of course but he can read her like an open book.

The next day, Ohana shares her plan with the two. Apparently, she wants to use force and abduct her mom, Satsuki, from work to bring her back to Kissui inn and prove to her that the inn is a lot better than she remembers. Touru agrees to the idea but in one condition; she'll have to bring Kouichi with them.

This girl reminds me of Makinami Mari from Evangelion 2.0 for some reason.
Ohana goes to Kouichi's workplace to convince him to come with her only to meet the other girl instead. The two girls talk, the other girl wants Ohana to give Kouichi a proper answer and release him from his misery. Ohana really does love him but only as a very dear friend. The two have been best of friends for years and answering his proposal would only break that relationship. That's probably why Ohana have been delaying it for so long, so they could remain friends. But unfortunately, that has to end.

While Ohana was on her way to fetch Kouichi, Touru and Minko were touring the city together. At first, Minko thought of it like a date, only to be disappointed later when she finds out that they have to eat at every fancy restaurant to check the menu and learn from their recipe. They were eating so much that Touru suggested that Minko should throw up to make some space for their next meal.

Ohana recieves a call from Kouichi and tells her about the time when he tried to visit her, back when she was searching for Touru. It reminds him of that time, except the roles have been reversed because Ohana is the one visiting this time. Ohana felt guilty after knowing that and told him that she called to convince him to come with her but changed her mind instead.

She just realized how Kouichi have been taking care of her all this time and yet all she ever did back for him was to act selfish. She never thought about his feelings and feels like a villain now.

Minko little date with Touru ends when she figures out that Touru have been keeping himself busy all day because he's upset about Ohana being with another guy. I mean, it's pretty obvious that Touru do have feeling for Ohana.

The plan fails and Ohana returns empty handed. She suggests to go back home but Touru disagrees instead. Even though Ohana didn't bring back Kouichi with her, Touru insist that they should at least persuade her mom to go with her and they did.

The three is surprised that Satsuki greeted them with a smile and agrees to go with them. Apparently, she changed her mind about not coming and have been waiting for Ohana to come and pick her up from work. The four rides back home to Kissui inn and the episode ends.

Next Episode:
Woman from Shijima ~ Heartbreak MIX ~

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