Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Bark at the Night (Ep.11)

Ohana opens up a magazine to check the inn's ratings. At first, she was happy that the inn scored 5 stars only to be disappointed later when Nako tells her that it was a five out of ten stars (5/10). The inn scored so badly that everyone at work was infuriated by the review. ­­

Madam Manager meets with the other owners of the nearby establishments and we learn that not only Kissui got a bad score, everyone in the district scored low too. They figured that the review intentionally gave everybody low grades to promote a new hotel nearby that would soon open.

The next day, Ohana took a leave of absence from the inn to come to the city and complain directly to the magazine's main office. She threatened and begged one of the staff to direct her to the one who wrote the article. He gave up and gives her the info she needs, now we get to see the devil himself!

The culprit!
A moment later, Ohana meets with her mom and we learn that the one who wrote the review was none other than Ohana's mother herself! Ohana was quite mad with this revelation, she couldn't believe that her mom betrayed her all along. Her mom made a review without even checking the place out and gave everyone a bad score. Ohana feels disappointed but her mom won't back down either. It's her job to write what the editors want and she did. Because of this, Ohana protested outside the office all by herself.

After protesting for a while, she got a message from her childhood friend, Kouichi and discovered that he works at a bookstore now. She then decided to give him a surprise visit since she's already in the city anyway.

She arrives at his workplace only to see that a female coworker is flirting with him during work hours. She accidentally bumps a pile of books and made a bit of comotion. She then covered her face and pretend like someone else, but Kouichi knows that it's her.

She told him that she was just stopping by. Kou was kinda puzzled and then the other girl came close to him and asks him who Ohana was. She even clinged to his sleeve while asking this. After seeing that the girl was so close to him, Ohana apologized and immediately dashed outside the store. She then returns to her post outside her mom's office and cried in the rain.

Kouchi skipped work and followed her outside, the two then finally talks it out. Ohana wants to say a lot of things and ask him a lot of questions, especially about his feelings, whether or not he still loves her or not. She couldn't ask anything about his feelings so he asked about his female coworker instead.

Apparently, that girl have already confessed to Kouichi before but he didn't fully rejected her so she's just patiently waiting for him to accept her. Ohana lectures him about giving her a straight answer and to not leave her hanging only to realizes that she, herself, made Kouichi hanging for a long time now, with no decent answer. With a chaos of emotions inside of her, she still cannot give him a proper answer so she made an excuse to leave.

She walks the streets all alone in the rain. She just needed think by herself. There's just too much emotions that she's feeling right now that the girl is probably confused on what to do next.

She feels that a car may have been following her, so she runs. With her paperbag all wet by the rain, it tears open and her things scattered all over the ground. Still, she continues to run and run until she hears a familiar voice call out for her...

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Walk... in the rain...


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