Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: A Full Stop for the Two of Us (Ep.11)

One morning in Lotte's bedroom. Our sweet princess wakes up from her bed and walks to the balcony to see the fresh scenery. She noticed that the World Tree is shedding leaves as it changes color. Although it is quite common for trees to change in color, it was quite a rare scene for it to have leaves colored in red. ­­

After seeing the scenery outside her window, Lotte notices something different in her back. Effie comes inside the room to greet our princess and saw her reaching for her back. The maid checks it for her and was quite surprised to see a reddish mark on her back. She reports this incident to Judit, and she was quite happy at what she saw...

A red mark on the back is sign of maturation for a succubus. It is the time when a succubus is about to grow wings from their back. This made everyone in the castle so happy and thus calls for a celebration. While preparations are being made, Lotte seems to be experiencing something and we see her tail glow from time to time. She thinks that it could be a sign that her magical powers are increasing, a part of her maturity.

Judit calls Queen Mercelida to report the current events in Lotte's growth and the Queen was quite surprised and happy that she remarks that if you combine the two marks together it would form a heart. Judit took an immediate pause after hearing this info as she saw Lotte's mark shaped as a clover. She opens up a book to confirm the Queen's words and found out that Lotte's mark was indeed quite different.

Translator's Note: Succbus is just a typographical error for Succubus.
Meanwhile, inside Ivory Tower. Ingrid studies the changes that is currently occurring to the World Tree and manages to find the cause. The little rabbit then comes into the castle to deliver them some bad news.

Translator's Note: GildissviĆ° means scope in english. Ingrid Scope.
Ingrid deducted that the World Tree have been stable for a thousand years after it closed off its connection with the other realms, but now have become unstable after opening the gate to the human realm. It is now trying to erase all alien existence inside the creature realm, so Naoya and Asuha should return to their realm soon before the tree rejects them.

Just after Ingrid's explanation, Naoya and Asuha's voice have somehow become silent from everyone's ears. The World Tree have already started to act and vocal communication have already been ceased, so neither side can no longer hear the other. Sadness fills the air and Lotte can't help but cry.

As time passes by, Naoya and Asuha's belongings have started disappearing. Especially Asuha's diary which she filled so much with her precious memories have been erased and the book looked brand new with every page blank. Soon their memories will be gone too and because of that Naoya decided to just go back home to the human realm. The others seem to understand the situation even though they can't hear each other and even though Lotte feels sadness deep in her heart, she wants to send them off with a smile.

Dawn comes as Naoya and Asuha prepares to say their last farewells. A farewell party have been set by Lotte and her servants but the two can't stay any longer as they have to leave soon before they cause anymore trouble.

Farewell party for Asuha and Naoya.
Asuha bids farewell to her dear friends.
Asuha's present for Lotte.
Lotte's present for Asuha.
Asuha and Lotte exchanged gifts. Asuha gave Lotte a box of her belongings to remember them bye, although she admits that some items she put inside have already vanished. Lotte gives Asuha a handmade plush toy. It isn't crafted well but you can see from Lotte's hands that she really put some effort into making it. Asuha cries afterwards, knowing that she'll never meet her again.

After her farewells with Asuha, the princess comes to Naoya. She wanted to give him a present just like Asuha but she didn't have enough time to make another and so sheasks him out to have a date with her before he leaves. With the sound barrier in place, it is not known whether our hero understood her proposal or not. Stay tuned for next week's episode to find out.

Next Episode:
An Asterisk Beyond the Sky
(Final Episode)

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