Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: Secret Apostrophe (Ep.7)

I just noticed that I actually skipped Ep.7, sorry about that. The entry for Ep.8 and Ep.9 are now fixed. I'll review the latest episode, Ep.11, tomorrow. It might have been a month old already but I'll go with this episode for now...

Ingrid deducted that Lotte is losing power within the human realm as that world didn't contain much mana in the atmosphere. ­­The longer Lotte will stay there, the more she'll grow weaker. Naoya will have to save her by himself and bring a World Sprout with him to recover the princess's energy. If it comes down to worst, he would have to make her suck his life energy to recover. With everyone gathered around the tree, our hero departs to save the princess.  

Back to the human realm, he visits his house and finds Lotte but she's still upset with him and refuses to go home. With Naoya's good nature and kind words, the princess soon realizes her mistake and agrees to return but only after she strongly imply that it wasn't because of him but because it's her responsibility as a princess to care for her subjects.

The two made up but Lotte is still fidgeting about something as she remembered what Asuha told her about the Touhara family's rule that if you made up with someone, you gotta kiss them. The princess shiveringly remind Naoya about this and he complies. The kiss was somehow able to power the princess and the two was able to return again, back to the creature realm.

Elika Drakul Draupnils
The next day, Lotte's good friend and somewhat rival arrives at her castle to pay her a visit, only to be dissapointed after knowing that she's out for the day. Zelda informs the guest that the princess is apparently in a date with a guy from her harem, Naoya. Elika came to invite Lotte to go to the amusement park, but seeing that the princess is nowhere in sight, she invited another girl she just met instead, Asuha.

An obvious pun to the World Tree's name Yggdrasil.
OMG! A giant life up mushroom in the center and a Giga Pudding to the far left.
Lotte waits for Naoya to buy some ice cream for her.
It didn't take long until Lotte's party meets up with Elika's party and the four had a group date instead. While Naoya and his daughter was playing around the park, Elika and our princess had a little chat. She then asks our princess about her relationship with her servant and was rather curious about the two. Lotte proudly replies that they have gone "all the way" even though in reality they've only gone so far as a kiss in the forehead.

The vampire comments that our little succubus have indeed become an adult to have reached that far in their relationship. She then challenger Lotte to go into the haunted house attraction to prove that she really have reached adulthood in which she fearlessly complies.

Inside the haunted house, Lotte acts fearless even though she's really scared deep inside. Naoya remains clueless about this and feels no fear whatsoever. They've reach the haunted house's exit and the attraction comes to an end. The tour didn't end right though as Lotte wet her panties from fear.

Fortunately, our hero had some underwear to spare as he always carry a pair with him just in case Asuha doesn't wear her's. Elika and Asuha left the two to give them some time alone.

The two rode the ferries wheel together and Lotte seem depressed about something. She tries too hard to act like an adult but in the end she's nothing but a kid instead. She feels shame that she have to show this part of her to Naoya but our hero cheers her up with his caring words.

On the way back home, the three was surprised to see that Ingrid's Ivory Tower managed to crawl its way beside Lotte's castle. She then comes out to greet them and the episode ends with an unexpected kiss.

Next Episode:
Strong Comma

"Come visit us again sometime, you hear?"


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