Monday, June 20, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Special Training (Ep.10)

Aria and Kinji meets Riko inside an unfamiliar building and prepares for battle only to be greeted by a bunch of women dressed as maids. She then explains the situation and asked the two to infiltrate Vlad's manor by dressing up as a maid and a butler. ­­

It didn't take long until Aria objects but with Riko acting all sexy while seducing Kinji, she agreed for her slave's sake. The stolen item is a rosary that was given to Riko by her mother before she passed away. Aria immediately reacts after learning this, after all, why should they retrieve her mother's memento when it was Riko's fault that Aria's mom is in prison to begin with. Aria changed her mind and agrees to help after hearing her story and seeing tears of sadness from her eyes.


After the agreement, preparation soon follows and we see the three shop for valuable clothing. Since our heroine and her slave are going to an infiltration mission, they need the perfect disguise for the job and so they shop for Aria's maid uniform.

After making Aria wear some delicious-looking apron, Riko then teaches her how to speak like a servant but the embarrassment was just too much and she can't seem to mutter up a single word.

The next day, we see the three at school with Aria looking dark and gloomy. It looks like Riko's training finally paid off with the cost of destroying Aria's very soul. Of course, Aria's not the only one who needs training so Riko tells Kinji to meet her at the infirmary afterwards for a little private training. She also mentions that he better make sure nobody sees him on the way... Hmmm... I smell something fishy!

While Kinji is on his way to the infirmary, he meets a pair of sweet legs and the foreign exchange student they belong to. It was no other than Jeanne D'Arc herself. At first Kinji reached to his gun and took caution but soon understood the situation that she's probably under the same plea bargain as Riko and was forced to work for Butei to pay for her crimes.

She tells our hero a story about Riko's past where after her parents died, she was under the care of an acquaintance. That particular acquaintance imprisoned her and destroyed her very being. She managed to escape but never attained freedom for she is under his curse for an eternity... Okay, maybe I exaggerated a lot about that. Also, this story reminds me of Victorique de Blois.

"Vlad is nothing but a demon and he looks like this!"
The foreign girl continues her story and tells our hero that her great ancestors have crossed swords with Vlad in the past and insisted that it's the same Vlad that imprisoned Riko as a child. She describes him as a demon, an abomination that have lived for hundreds of years. In case you haven't figured it out yet, he's probably Count Dracula or his other incarnation, Vlad the Impaler.

Our hero proceeds to the infirmary for Riko's private training only to see that nobody is around. He soon hears a crowd of women coming his way and was forced to hide inside a locker to investigate. Apparently, it's time for some medical check-up for the ladies and they start stripping their clothes off.

Everything went according to Riko's plan and Kinji acts like a cornered dog. She then asks him a question  through a text message. She asked what color her underwear is and that if he doesn't reply in the next minute, she will reveal to anyone his location and forever be branded as a pervert. Any normal bloke would just simply answer with "yellow" but his unlimited amount of knowledge about colors made him reply with "honey gold".

Aria arrives late and started stripping too and everytime he sees Aria lose a piece of clothing, his blood started boiling. His blood just kept on boiling until he saw her sexily remove her socks, then Hysteria-mode kicks in. Reki notices something suspicious in the locker and opens it only to be surprised by what happens next...

A white wolf suddenly appears from nowhere and crashes the party. Kinji chases after the beast with a comrade's motorbike, Reki comes along as she has experience in hunting. The two managed to track down the beast into an abandoned building and so they enter with caution.

"I'll take it down with normal rounds..."
Kinji asks Reki whether or not she have some tranquilizer rounds with her as he doesn't want to kill the animal knowing that somebody is probably just manipulating it but Reki replies that she'll just use normal rounds against it. This made Kinji feel a bit sad about Reki, thinking that she already lost her emotions as a human.

"I am a single bullet..."
Kinji faces the beast alone while Reki snipes from afar, waiting for a chance to take down the beast with just a single shot. He fought the beast but it was quite strong for one man to take down alone. The white beast escapes and jumps from one building to another, he could take down the beast with his gun but he hesitated as he doesn't want to kill it. Without wasting any time, Reki takes the shot but the bullet only managed to barely grazed the creature's skin. Reki misses a shot but Reki NEVER misses a shot!!!

This made Kinji a bit happy about Reki, thinking that she missed because she couldn't take the shot that could kill the poor creature. The chased the beast one more time only to see it lying on the ground. Kinji was wrong, Reki NEVER misses a shot! Reki made the bullet graze the animal's spine paralyzing it in the process. She tamed the white beast afterwards. You see, she didn't tag along with him to hunt the beast down but wanted to capture it all along to be her pet. A wolf is quite a rare find afterall.

Next Episode:
11th Ammo: Infiltration

"Come back soon, okay?"


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