Friday, June 17, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: Stop Them, Mr. Tengu! (Ep.10)

With the seal now broken, the ultra mega fiend of darkness is approaching and nothing is capable of defeating it, not even the Great Tengus. Enbi admitts to the gang that it was her who told the Flame Tengu about Enma so he would challenge him into a duel and while they are preoccupied, she would sneak in to trigger the self-destruct mechanism. ­­But her plan backfires when she discovers that it was a seal to the mega fiend of darkness instead. ­­

"If I destroy the Demon Patrol, the world would become fun and sexy."
That stone pillar was actually a strand of hair from the fiend's mustache. The Great King Enma had it installed in that place because it have enough power to supply the base for thousands of years. Of course, nobody knew about this until now that the mega fiend is on its way to wreak havoc and destruction.

The fiend's powerful mustache.
The two Great Tengus combined their powers and merged together to form one Mega Tengu. But even their combined powers are not enough to stop the coming of the behemoth.

Mega Tengu of Fire and Ice.
Enma receives a letter from his uncle, the Great King Enma, and with it is a key to unlock the most powerful weapon that is hidden inside the base. Meanwhile, Enbi returns to the scene of the crime and puts the seal back. With the seal in place, the power to summon back the fiend was disrupted. The Great Tengus immediately noticed this disruption and without any second thoughts, sacrificed their lives to close the rift for good.

"Now that the seal is back, it's time for the next act."
"We shall meet again, farewell..."

Everything went according to Enbi's plan and the Great Tengus are both gone. Now it's time for the lower Tengus to appear and take their throne.

Squid Tengu (left)      Shrimp Tengu (middle)      Noodle Tengu (right)
Three new Tengus appear and attacks the Demon Patrol. Enma is left with no choice but to summon their greatest weapon yet and use the key that his uncle gave him. But Kappaeru accidentally swallowed it and Harumi had to take it the other way around. With the key in place, it's time to kick some ass!!!

Yay! The bathroom transforms into a control room.
The Demon Patrol's secret weapon finally awakens from its deep slumber, the Jumbo Mazinger. The three lower Tengus attacks the giant but their firepower wasn't enough to even scratch its paint. Feeling threatened, the three united to form a Getter Robo, but conflicting opinions about who forms the head made the union into a great failure and they exploded instead. Enbi attacks the Jumbo Mazinger with her own ship but every weapon she launches at them attaches to the robot's arms and becomes Enma's weapon instead.

With Enbi's weapons and Enma's giant robot, they managed to literally destroy the world. 

Next Episode:
11th Flame: It's Not My Problem

"An all out war between Heaven and Hell?!"


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