Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera: It's Nice and Warm, Mr. Tengu! (Ep.9)

The day starts with Harumi while she's on her way to school. She noticed that the sky looks different and figured that some demon may have caused it. She then immediately runs off to the Demon Patrol Headquarters to report the incident to our lazy heroes only to see that a red giant is invading their base. ­­

"I am the Flame Tengu! Where is Enma?"
The great Flame Tengu is here to challenge Enma to a duel. Apparently, a rumor has been spreading around that Enma's fire power have gone much stronger than the great Flame Tengu and he came to prove them wrong. Of course, our hero accepted his challenge without any second thoughts. The fight begins, Enma takes the initiative and attacks first. The attack fails and finds out later that his wand ran out of batteries.

"Hey, Kappaeru! I need a pair of new AA Batteries!"
"My hands were wet so I didn't buy one."
Without batteries to power his stick, Enma was powerless against the Tengu and the Demon Patrol was left with no options but to cower in fear and hide behind the HQ's force field. But the flames of the Tengu was just too much and all of them are starting to fry inside, not to mention that the barrier won't last long if this keeps up. Good thing Princess Yukiko knows someone who could match the demon and asked for his assistance.

In the blue corner! The Ice Tengu!!!
In the red corner! The Flame Tengu!!!
The great Tengu that protects the snow women, the great Ice Tengu appears and stops the Flame Tengu before Princess Yukiko melts away. But having powers that could rival the other, both Tengus can't do anything but cancel out each others attacks. Neither side are winning or losing and the fight could last an eternity. The HQ is starting to have mixed temperatures that it would suddenly turn cold for one moment, only to become hot again seconds later, and the cycle repeats itself again.

Dororon Enbi-chan is just outside Demon Patrol HQ and is patiently waiting for the Tengu's battle to end before acting her plans out. But while soaking herself at a tub, she caught sight of Harumi and an idea comes into mind.

"We have to do something! Why don't we use THAT?"
" We mustn't! You are still too young to use THAT!"
"You can't be talking about THAT?! We need a password to use THAT!"
It's too embarrassing to use THAT!
Harumi enters the base when the force field broke and meets the Demon Patrol with haste. She then asked the team to do some action but without batteries to power Enma's stick there is nothing for them to do except leave everything to the great Ice Tengu. Harumi suggested using THAT but the rest greatly opposes the idea. Even without the Demon Patrol's permission, Harumi took independent action and proceeded into using THAT by immediately unsealing it in front of everybody.

Demon Patrol's Secret Weapon: "THAT"
"The seal can't be broken by just taking this off, right?"
The seal is now broken and we see Harumi with an suspiciously evil grin on her face. Moments later, we see another Harumi showing up with her limbs all tied up. After all the confusion, the evil Harumi finally reveals her true self, it was Enbi all along!!

"It's me! Dororon Enbi-chan!!"
Enbi disguised herself as Harumi so she could sneak inside the base without causing a stir and remove the seal on the base's biggest secret, the self-destruct mechanism. Enma's gang was just glad that she didn't mean THAT. Apparently, when Harumi told them to use THAT, each one of them thought of their most hidden treasure instead. Nobody had any idea about this self-destruct mechanism at all.

Enma's secret porn stash hidden inside his locker.
Princess Yukiko's transparent evening gown.
Old Chapeau's collection of hat photos.
But wait a minute, it seems like Enbi have been misinformed and what she just unsealed wasn't the self-destruct mechanism but a seal to the imprisoned great demon of darkness. What could be the conclusion to this epic story. Stay tuned to find out!

Next Episode:
10th Flame: Stop Them, Mr. Tengu!



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