Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Astarotte's Toy: Adjacent Fist (Ep.10)

Lotte prepares herself for the upcoming World Tree festival where people celebrate and give their thanks to the World Tree. Usually, royalty are to perform on stage during this event but Lotte skipped doing it last year, not this years though. She decided to sing on stage to honor the World Tree for giving her Naoya and changing her life for the better. ­­

Even though she have stage fright, she decided to perform on stage and because of that she called her friends to help her conquer this weakness. Lucca tells her that if she stopped wearing panties then she will be accustomed to being embarrassed that she'd feel nothing on stage. Naoya arrives to serve them with snacks when a sudden gust of wind flipped Lotte's skirt open for him to see... He was then punished later.

Naoya's punishment.
After making sure that Naoya gets punished for seeing something that he shouldn't, our princess started training seriously with the help of her friends. Mist made her sing in front of a candle to improve her singing while Asuha assisted her on her dancing and cheered her all the way. I'm not exactly sure what Lucca and Unna's training exercise was for but I sure hope it helps.

Asuha and Lotte singing together during rehearsal.

After a long day of physically exhausting themselves, the girls took a break and head to Lotte's private hot springs. I honestly thought that the hot spring scene in episode one was gonna be the hot spring episode, I guess I was wrong. I didn't even expect the hot spring episode to air right after the beach episode.

After dipping their bodies in the hot spring, Asuha comments that in her home world, she drinks a bottle of milk right after a hot bath. Unna adds that drinking fresh milk would improve their growth a lot, especially in the chest department. Being a bunch of flat-chested women (except for Mist) so desperate to grow, they charged at Effie to get their dose of fresh milk.

"If you don't wear your clothes soon, you'll catch a cold!"
Another day begins and we can already feel the festival in motion. We see the girls wear japanese kimonos and meets Naoya and Elika on the way. But unlike the rest of the gang, Elika wears a long kimono that entirely covers her legs. Lucca as crazy as always, checks whether or not their friend Elika wears some underwear below.

"What are you looking at?"
It didn't take long until Sigurd appears and interferes with Naoya's harem. He challenged him to a duel in which Naoya has no choice but to accept. The challenge is a series of games in the festival and Sigurd managed to lost every single time with no hope of winning.

"It's time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!"
Round 1: Fish Catcher
Round 2: Ring Toss
Round 3: Target Shooting
After all the fun and games, it's about time for Lotte's stage performance. 

She comes up the stage and started singing but after seeing that a lot of audience watching her every move, her anxiety kicks in. She started singing awkwardly and begins to panic, that's when Asuha enters the stage and sings along with her. At first she was shocked to see Asuha on stage but her fears soon vanished and she started singing beautifully in front of the audience. The concert was a huge success!!!

Only two more episodes left until the finale. Stay tuned for more!

Next Episode:
A Full Stop for the Two of Us


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