Monday, June 13, 2011

Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Honey Trap (Ep.9)

The show starts with Kinji entering some sort of apartment building that isn't his to meet Aria in secret. He comes inside when all of a suddenly Aria started sexually assaulting him which triggered his Hysteria-Mode to awaken. With his special ability in effect, he concluded that the person with him isn't Aria but Riko instead. He concluded this after feeling her breast in which Aria have none. ­­

"Just so you know, I hate harem routes!"
Riko started stripping and compares their situation to a dating simulation game where the hero just triggered a flag with her and unlocked a scene, but then mentions that she hates harem endings afterwards to imply that Kinji must choose only her in the end. Aria comes in to interfere and enters the room by breaking through the window. Riko throws a flash bang and immediately escapes afterwards.

"I'm not really a Butei Killer if I haven't killed anyone, right?"
They tracked her down to the roof and figured that she made a plea bargain to return to Butei so they can't hurt her as she's one of them. Aria needs Riko to testify in court and clear her mother's name. Riko immediately agrees to Aria's demands but they have to help her out in return. Riko needs to take back something that has been stolen from her and she needs the two to assist her.

At first, both Kinji and Aria hesitated but soon agreed to help Riko out since stealing from criminals isn't a crime not to mention that they are only helping to take back something she initially owns. And so, the three had a deal.

The next day, Riko goes to school in her gothic lolita uniform and dazzles everyone with her beautiful smile. She flirts with Kinji during school hours and managed to put him in trouble too during the exam. Apparently, she's doing this so Kinji would learn to trigger Hysteria-Mode ON and OFF at will.

The two walks home in the rain under one umbrella and acts like a couple. Shirayuki interferes and tells her to butt out as Kinji already kissed her. Riko counters this argument by saying that Kinji and her have already hit second base. This caused Shirayuki to be in a state of shock. The shock didn't take long though, as anger builds up inside of her.

"I won't let you steal my Kin-chan, you thieving cat!"
Shirayuki takes the initiative but she's no match to Riko and is defeated quickly after the fight began. Riko bids our hero farewell and goes home while Kinji carries Shirayuki to the school infirmary for medical attention. She fakes her injury so she could talk alone with Kinji. She told him that her prophecy tells her that he would soon meet a wolf, a demon and a ghost. Kinji thinks for a while and thought to himself that maybe he already did.

Riko as the wolf.
Aria as the demon.
Shirayuki as the ghost.
Shirayuki also tells him that because she broke her restrictions during the Durandal incident, she will be returning to the Hotogi Shrine for punishment and will be gone for the next month. Because of this, she is becoming more desperate and aggressive. She plans to sleep with Kinji at infirmary and started removing her clothes, she even chained him to force him into it.

"Please don't stare too much, it's embarrassing."
Even under this tight circumstances, our hero still manages to escape by fooling her into looking away while he undresses. She did look away but instead of undress, he escaped through the window without looking back. Poor Shirayuki, she's really just a friend to him.

A new day starts and we see Aria and Kinji sneaking together into an unfamiliar building. Apparently, Riko asked them to meet her at the location but they couldn't trust her words and braces for battle instead.

"Are you ready?"
"Freeze and put your hands up!"
When they entered the room, they were greeted by a bunch of women dressed in skimpy maid outfits and among them is Riko. While the two remain puzzled at the scene in front of them, Riko greets them with her beautiful smile and the episode comes to an end.

"Welcome back, Master"
Riko really is the best character of this show. I almost dropped this show a few times now because of how low budget this series is and how ridiculous the story has become but Riko prevents me from doing just that. I hope Jeanne D'Arc comes back soon so I could put this show in my list of favorites.

Next episode:
10th Ammo: Special Training

"Come back soon, okay?"


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